Darcy has devised a system of detecting zombies and dispatching them that works – he lets his carrion flies do the work, then quickly and expertly kills the zombie without hesitation, sentiment, or concern for the emotions of bystanders. He is so utterly devoted to this task that he is willing to kill his best friend if he has become “infected” (Elizabeth lectures him on becoming “a better friend” to go with his skills as a warrior). He is frank, unapologetic, and very good at coming up with master plans and issuing orders in his position as a military officer. It is almost painful for him to admit his feelings about Liz to her face, but he pours out the truth of his reputation and emotion in a letter that puts things right. He devalues his own emotions to such an extent that he shuts them down when “on the job,” allowing him to remain utterly detached. He is always looking toward the future consequences of infection. He quickly sees the greater flaws in Wickham’s proposal about how to work with the zombies who abstain from eating human flesh, and sets out to undermine those efforts. His confession and proposal to Liz reflects both an idealistic desire for an equal partner as it does the state of his heart. His tendency to act in the moment means he would kill Jane and Bingley both if he thought they were infected, and he rushes the process of testing them. He remembers the traumatic experience of killing his father without a trace of sentiment—but with total objectivity. Darcy places himself in grave danger on numerous occasions. He is also aware enough of his physical environment to use it to his advantage in a fight.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Darcy does not believe in weakness, nor have any interest in being liked. He simply does what he knows to be necessary, without any sentiment, hesitation, or tolerance for foolish behavior. He bullies his friend Bingley into abandoning Jane, believing she is a fortune-hunter, and only respects and admires Elizabeth because she gives it back to him as good as she gets. She’s not afraid of or intimidated by him, and has no problem killing his carrion flies or telling him off. Somewhat ruthlessly, Darcy feeds human brains to the reformed zombies, in order to turn them back into a remorseless horde, so that they can kill them all and have no second thoughts about it. His 9 wing does not care for fuss or bother, does not especially like emotional outbursts, and has numbed him to the many unpleasant aspects of his job.