Functional Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Wickham is charming and persuasive, easily able to bring Lizzie over to his side with his arguments, and earn her sympathy by telling her about Darcy’s cruel and unjust treatment of him, regarding his inheritance. He has a mentality of wanting to work together with “intelligent” zombies and create a situation of equals, pointing out that soon, the zombie population will outnumber the living, and they have no choice but to make inroads with their enemies. He naturally gravitated to a position of leadership, and has led his zombie hordes by example – teaching them a system of morality, restraint, and ambition, and seeing them as a powerful group. But like many Fe users, he is prone to deflecting blame off himself onto others – when he fights Darcy in their eventual conflict, he blames Darcy for his own bite, saying this is all his fault, and he must now take responsibility for it. He has never reconsidered his perspectives or self-analyzed, and while his plan is reasonable, it’s more about interpersonal dynamics than sheer logic (inferior Ti). He envisions himself as, and works toward, being the “Zombie Antichrist,” intended to lead the zombies on to fulfill a greater destiny. Everything in him drives him toward fulfilling a specific vision he has for his life and role in events, but also a greater worldview and desire for humanity and zombies to co-exist in semi-peace. Upon meeting Lizzie, he quickly assesses her potential and tries to recruit her into sharing his vision, knowing she might be persuasive on his behalf.
image Once one of his plans falls through, Wickham quickly and efficiently takes advantage of the current situation and changes tactics—instead of running off with Lizzie, he kidnaps Lydia instead, intending to use her for bait. Wickham is a good fighter and not afraid to get his hands dirty or engage in a very physical altercation with Darcy. He takes big risks that often pay off.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Wickham is a consummate performer, pretending to be something he is not in order to bring Lizzie and her sisters to his side. He remains cool and competent even in intense emotional situations, and reconstructs his past so that he is always the one who has in some way overcome and become a better person for the trials that others have forced upon him. He is never to blame for anything, it has all been done to him. He craves and pursues power, at any cost, dragging Lydia Bennett into his trap for Darcy, and as punishment for others not taking his side. His 4 wing is self-centered and melodramatic, feels isolated and persecuted, and has elitist tastes.