William is a social activist who champions for abolition, makes speeches to rally people to the cause, and uses whatever means at his disposal, including his abolitionist newspaper, to spread the message of liberation for the enslaved people in the South. He offers Harriet a warm and reassuring welcome, then once she has proven herself, introduces her to other like-minded members of the Underground Railroad, so they can work together to smuggle slaves into the freed states. Once the Act passes and he sees her family safe on the train, he appeals to the people of the city to unite against the slavers now streaming into it in pursuit of their “escaped property.” He thinks in terms of the collective rather than the individual; initially, he does not want Harriet to go back for her family, since he’s convinced she got out on pure “luck” the last time and will be caught, tortured, and give them important information about his connections to the Railroad, thereby endangering others. He keeps meticulous records of the slaves, for personal as well as practical reasons; William hides these names, aliases, and details but uses them to reunite people with lost family members and keep track of everyone. He goes on to write a book about these people and their escape attempts. He is more grounded and practical than Harriet; he knows rescue attempts don’t work without her being convincing as a free woman (she needs manners, and to be able to read!) and she will need practical connections (established hubs and safe houses) to get people out of the slave states. He tells Harriet she cannot impulsively return to the south and rescue her family, that “these things need to be meticulously planned,” and is shocked when she manages, time and again, to return with larger and larger groups of rescued people. She proves herself to his Si enough for him to see her potential as a valuable resource to their movement. His Ne wants to change the world not only through people’s stories, but his own writings on their behalf.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

As the Father of the Underground Railroad, William spends his life devoted to helping as many people as possible escape from their enslavement and find new hope in freedom. He works tirelessly on their behalf, using his resources and relationships, in their favor. He rallies the public on their behalf and is a gifted writer and speaker. When he sees Harriet will not take no for an answer, he gets her what she needs to make a successful return run for her family. His 1 wing is principled and devoted to doing the right thing. He is hardworking, industrious, and determined to make the world a better place.