Danny’s instincts about the Doctor, his intentions, and his hang-ups are all based on his personal experiences in the army; he recognizes the Doctor for the “sort of” alien he is, because he had superior officers just like him. He turns down adventures in the TARDIS because, as he tells Clara, he wants to live in “the wonder of the small things,” right here, and right now; he’d rather stay with the kids and see them home, than watch a sunburst from space. He makes no secret of how he feels about the Doctor, comparing him to a military officer and not wanting to have anything to do with him. Danny spends his time teaching kids, being responsible for them, and encouraging them to get along. His first date with Clara does not go well, because he’s super sensitive about his former profession as a soldier and in defending the “good things” they did in the middle east (“We built twenty wells!”). He tries to lighten the mood with humor (albeit, with mixed results). When Clara asks him to tell her something only Danny would know from the Nethersphere, he can only repeat, “I love you.” He loves math and enjoys teaching it; he can quickly leap into action when necessary – distracting a robot so the Doctor has time to disable it, shining a flashlight into a tiger’s face to save Clara, organizing the kids into an effective search party, and in giving orders (and expecting obedience). Danny has no problem sacrificing his life to save the planet, nor in piecing together the logical truth (adding up Clara’s behavior, and discerning her lies). His inferior Ne shows in his distrust of the Doctor, his tendency to worry about Clara’s “reckless behavior” (“He put you in danger, and you went along with it”), and his inability to sense when she has been lying to him for months.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

From the first minute Danny meets the Doctor, he is somewhat suspicious of his intentions, and warns Clara that eventually, the Doctor will get her into trouble. He suspects the Doctor is not careful with her, and that she might get hurt along the way. He can be argumentative, quarrelsome, and fiercely opinionated, challenging the Doctor and making him defend himself, and sneaking around the school after hours, because he isn’t sure what the Doctor is up to. Danny at first enjoyed the structure of the military but eventually, came to dislike his superiors because of their carelessness and immoral actions. His 5 wing is self-reliant. Unlike Clara, he has no interest in traveling in space or going on adventures. Danny is practical and down-to-earth, reminding Clara she needs to calm down and think about her decision of whether to travel with the Doctor.