Martha is a good medical student because of her ability to remember details, to attend to problems in the present moment, and her trust in the medical profession overall. She finds a sense of unity and purpose in participating in a time-honored profession. While out on adventures with the Doctor, she frequently compares present situations with her own experiences and learning (movies she has seen, books she has read, incidents from her life, remembrances of Saxon’s voting campaign, etc). Martha likes to hear all the facts and details of the situation. Being around the Doctor allows her to hypothesize more, and get new experiences that give her a larger imagination. Martha enjoys seeing the inner connections of the universe and believing there is a greater purpose in their existence, but eventually, she decides to return to a more structured life and accomplish her goals. She takes decisive action, often ordering others to do the same. She is a natural leader and not afraid to put aside her feelings to make a hard choice (abandoning the Doctor and her entire family, to travel across the world and tell his story). She appraises the facts of the situation (“we’re on the moon!”) and from there hypothesizes further logical conclusions (there must be a force field surrounding the hospital, otherwise how could we breathe?). Sometimes, Martha is too quick to leap into action, placing her life and that of others in danger in the process. Whatever Martha doesn’t want to talk about, she refuses to talk about. She doesn’t let others see her emotions easily, but is very loyal to the people and causes she cares about most. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and values she won’t compromise. Martha loves the Doctor, but is uncomfortable stating that fact, so he appears oblivious to it. Once she does open up, it is when she has realized she can’t win over his heart, and decided to leave – a decision she reaches on her own, without needing his permission to walk away.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Martha is a successful medical student when she first meets the Doctor, and gives him up in order to return to her career (and because she recognizes he will never love her or return her affections, since he is so wrapped up in his own). She trusts her own logic, and wants to do what is best for everyone involved in any situation, but also cares about doing the ‘right’ thing. She trusts her own thinking and makes decisions from pure instinct, sometimes leading others into danger in the process. She is initially offended when Shakespeare refers to her skin color, until she realizes far from being racist, he wants to use her as inspiration for one of his plays. Martha can be somewhat too self-reliant and confident, believing herself capable of leadership and in the process, getting someone killed on an alien planet. Her 2 wing prioritizes the needs of her loved ones and family; Martha is forever brokering peace between her divorced parents, and running to help the family out of tight spots. She also struggles a great deal with her need for love, and her emotional disappointments (she is upset when the Doctor falls in love with a human… and it isn’t me!).