ISFJs can sometimes fall prey to assuming things will never change, because all they know is the past and the present. Anne shows this in her argument against Philip’s belief that they can “rewrite the stars.” She thinks because society looks down upon her for her skin color, that they cannot possibly live in any other way than as they are right now. They must resist their feelings for each other, because she cannot stand for “everyone to look at us in that way” (and judge them negatively). She is highly sensitive to outward criticism and feels a painful lack of ‘fitting in,’ showing submissiveness when she goes to the opera and asks for a ticket (her eyes downcast, and humble), and discomfort when forced to show up at Queen Victoria’s court in her costume rather than a normal dress. She intends to continue making a living on the skill she has honed over many years of experience and practice (as a trapeze artist), and finds a sense of familial comfort in being among other “strange people.” It emboldens her to sing “this is me,” because it unifies them as a group and gives her a sense of communal identity. It’s very hard for her to break away from abiding by social expectations and love Philip without concerning herself with how others might react, but she finds the courage to do that when she almost loses him in the fire.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Anne does not allow her emotions to cloud her judgment. She thinks about the potential repercussions her life with Philip might have on her personal safety. She is forthcoming and somewhat suspicious of Philip on their first meeting; she tests him by asking him what his act is, then insinuating that everyone has one, whether they admit it or not. When he does not stand up for her, in front of her, she sees that as proof their relationship cannot last. When he gets caught up in idealistic, romanticized dreams about their future life together, she casts doubt on it, pointing out that it would be too risk-taking to join their lives together. Anne feels insecure about the color of her skin, and in being presented to the queen. She feels safe and protected in a group of other circus freaks, whereupon she is emboldened enough to assert herself with confidence and dare others to dislike her (this is me!). Her 5 wing remains distant from emotional engagement unless it feels safe, is introspective and private; she does not easily open up to others.