Marcel has an ability to be wholly objective in his assessment of the Originals, even though he has a personal history with them. He sees himself as the “father” of New Orleans, their protector, and also the person who establishes rules for the witches and the vampires to live by, so that they can engage in a harmonious relationship. He sees Klaus as a threat to his dominance, and challenges him at times, but also knows when to show deference. Marcel is an active people-pusher, capable of stirring people up or winding them down, and telling them in frank but generous terms why he makes the decisions he does—for their greater good. Rebekah’s continual choice of her family over him makes him frustrated with her, because he wants her to break away from dependence on them and stand on her own two feet. Marcel has a strong Ti, developed over centuries of using it. He reasons that whomever takes an object of power keeps the power; so he changes the rules. Marcel is very good at thinking outside the box, and analyzing his enemies’ decisions. He has terrific perceptions into the people he has known a long time – he has pegged all the Originals, their weaknesses and strengths, and argues from a futuristic and consequential standpoint when dealing with them (this will lead to this happening, which will result in that; a bad outcome). He often scorns others who “live in centuries of their family’s old crap” (Elijah).Marcel catches onto things pretty fast, and often makes preemptive decisions to stay ahead of Klaus’ intentions for him. He guesses correctly the Originals’ plans on many occasions. Marcel also has a view of a united Quarter, an idea he works toward. When given the chance to become a vampire, Marcel leapt on it; his Se saw an instant opportunity and took hold of it. He is physically present, sensual, and unafraid to take on physical changes, change allegiances in the moment, or leap on opportunities as they present themselves. He rules New Orleans through dominance and fear, then seizes the chance to become “better than an Original.” Marcel is quite good at reacting in the moment.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Marcel is charming and extroverted; he knows how to put on success, and is image conscious. He’s forever upset about how Klaus “made me look in front of my guys.” It’s important to him not to be demeaned, made fun of, or made to look weak in front of other vampires and people. He is ambitious and cunning, able to put his personal feelings aside to accomplish his goals (which include taking back New Orleans, and his competent leadership of the city, which often means passing judgment on or executing witches). He takes on a mentoring quality with people (like Josh), inviting him to learn from his example, and he has a protective nature toward Davinia and others who need his help (the influence of his 2 wing). He doesn’t mind cutting corners to get things done.