Vincent has an unusual approach to life; he broke away from his former coven easily, because he thought their approach to magic was too constraining. His broader focus is helpful to Davinia as a mentor (he warns her often against actions that will turn other witches against her, and tries to urge her to see a broader perspective). Vincent sometimes picks a side, but more often refuses to fully align with any single cause. His universalism extends to purchasing a church-turned-gym back from Marcel, with the intention of turning it into a ‘sanctuary’ for “anyone who needs help… vampires… humans… witches… werewolves,” all are welcome. His methods of dealing with problems are often creative and unorthodox. Part of him holds onto the “old ways” – but not so much that he continues putting up with the ancestors after being betrayed one too many times. Vincent urges Davinia to keep some of the old customs and have respect for the witches that have come before her. Past experiences and interactions guide some of his decisions, and reinforce Vincent’s interaction with the Originals (inferior Si). After Finn ceases possessing Vincent, the warlock feels personally responsible for all Finn’s many cruelties and misdeeds over the last year, and tries to make amends. He is emotional, but unwavering when it comes to essential beliefs or core truths. He doesn’t force others to behave, but can become stubborn when crossed. Vincent lets people get away with things to a point – and then whenever a personal boundary is crossed, puts his foot down. Hard. He finally has enough of the ancestors, and forever severs their ties to the land of the living. He threatens Marcel with being enemies, after ripping into him about betraying his “family.”  Vincent often has “a plan.” He doesn’t do anything that is not objectively tactical. He chooses to align with useful people to serve a greater purpose. Vincent initially refuses to be leader of the coven because he has no interest in the position; later, he sees it is the only way to control the coven and take it in a more positive direction. He warns Davinia against “stupid” decisions that will alienate others and prevent her from success. Vincent often acts on his beliefs, and can be frank, opinionated, even caustic at times.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Vincent has a strong, moralizing tone; he doesn’t explode with anger, but channels it into productivity and ensuring others do the right thing – or he will stop them. He is generally intolerant of others breaking their word, stepping outside the rules, or abusing others. His focus lies outside himself – causing him to have more anger over injustice and focus less on self-development and more on forcing others to do the right thing in a social context. His 2 wing makes him oriented toward protecting and serving the witches and helping Davinia find a balance between her sense of vengeance and justice. He becomes more emotional and self-punishing under stress (disintegrating from 1 into the woeful 4) and also more aggressive, as 2 moves into 8-ish assertiveness and defiance.