Bonnie lives most of her life for other people – she is there for all her friends whenever they need her and selflessly gives of herself time and again to heal them, protect them, and serve as an anchor for the Other Side. Despite her reservation or even downright dislike for Damon and other vampires, she always capitulates to Elena’s plea for her to save or help them (making Damon makes it out alive, giving Caroline a daylight ring, etc). She is forthcoming in all her thoughts and feelings, the instant she has them, from remarking on how Stefan has a “hot back” the first time they meet (“Please turn around… and please be hot”) to fiercely asserting her opinions and disagreements to others, whether that involves their romantic entanglements or her magic. Bonnie tells off a “friend” at school for being mean to her grandfather (“You don’t have to be a jerk, you know”) and enforces her own brand of justice on a group of kids who are behaving inappropriately (she sets their cars on fire using her magic). Though her grandmother repeatedly tells her she is a witch due to her witch ancestry, Bonnie doesn’t believe it until she starts piecing together things from her past and seeing them from a different perspective given the new information (she “predicts” things; and looking back, sees how many she was right about). Since she has no one to turn to at first to teach her, Bonnie simply starts experimenting and learning magic on her own — she feels her way through it, from setting cars on fire to causing candles to come to life. She learns magic through doing and inventing her own spells — which is her Ni sensing patterns and connections she can reach into, and her Se learning actively on the spot and in the moment. Her predictions aside (most of those are magic, and not her actual perceptions), Bonnie is forward-thinking and planning and does not easily embrace others. She can be skeptical of their motives and questioning of their intentions with some people, idealistic and hopeful with others. As Caroline becomes a vampire, Bonnie warns her of the future consequences if she ever hurts anyone. She has a fierceness to her opinions, which can be rather rigid in tone (although she will make exceptions for her loved ones). Bonnie often loops into Se — becoming reckless in the moment, as she tries to perform magic that will protect her friends, often using herself as a bodily shield or a conductor. Bonnie winds up almost killing herself several times in the process. Though usually optimistic, Bonnie can descend into brutal periods of objectivity and harshness (falling into inferior Ti’s tendency to nitpick, criticize, and detach emotionally).

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Bonnie is all about doing what is right, even if it doesn’t make other people happy; when she protects Caroline with a daylight ring, she tells her up front about the rules involved and if she breaks them and hurts anyone, Bonnie will deal with her. She has a similar dislike of Damon, built off his inappropriate and cruel behavior. The only way to get on her good side is to … be moral and responsible. Bonnie starts a fire to scare someone out of anger at her “rudeness,” but then checks herself and brings her anger under control. She also has an active 2 wing. Much to the consternation of her fans, Bonnie is always the person who gives the most of herself – she goes out of her way to help, serve, and protect her friends from all manner of threats, including bringing about her grandmother’s death in her willingness to hold open the tombs long enough for Elena’s boyfriend to escape. Though she doesn’t like what Caroline has become, she still makes her a daylight ring. One phone call, and Bonnie will show up and do whatever is necessary.