Dorothy is a competent and hardworking employee, who easily manages a group of subordinates within her department. She feels irritated that the color of her skin prevents her from advancement. Once NASA starts bringing computer systems into the department, Dorothy quickly recognizes the logical fact that these computers are going to make her and her group “obsolete,” and takes it upon herself to learn to use the system, then teaches her group how to run the machines, so that they stay relevant and keep their jobs at NASA. This is a good example of how Te-doms can work toward the betterment of a group, through teaching them the skills necessary to survive. She is a gifted mechanic when she needs to be. Dorothy chafes beneath “colored restrictions,” and when her son points out that she has stolen a book from the library (there are none she needs in the “colored section”), she points out to him that she pays taxes and therefore has partial ownership in the books in the library (Te). She also tells him that while they might have to abide by unfair rules, that does not “make them right” (Fi evaluation). “It’s the starter. I’ve seen this before.” Dorothy makes evaluations based on what she is familiar with, and has the dedicated focus and ability to learn things systematically, which makes her a competent and capable supervisor. She keeps an eye on a dozen girls and makes sure their work is done correctly and efficiently. She takes a practical approach to learning another system (the computer machines) and methodically teaches it to her girls. She has enough Te/Ne to tell what the consequences of introducing this machine will be (loss of jobs) and to do something about it, before it becomes a problem.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Dorothy is hard-working, dedicated to her job, and when she has nothing to do or is on her break, can be found… working. She makes several failed attempts to “move upward” but is always stymied by her skin color (and complains to her friends that it isn’t fair). But she is also resourceful, and finds work-arounds. When she needs a book from the library and is thrown out for being out of her own section, she simply borrows the book without permission. After all, she needs to learn it. Her 3 makes her able to float through difficult things without ever losing her temper or showing her anger. She is polite and appropriate with her racist supervisor. Her 2 wing looks after the girls in her department, and is warm-hearted, generous, and eager to help.