Mary is the most opportunistic of her trio of friends; when she sees a chance to advance her career, climb up in the ranks, and potentially build herself something more long-lasting as an engineer, she takes matters into her own hands, appeals to the court process for the right to attend an all-white college, and gets her way. She tailgates a cop car all the way to NASA after he offers to give them an escort, despite her friends warning her to slow down, and laughs about being the only three black women in the south to ever “chase a cop car.” She notices a handsome man at church eyeing her friend, and waves him over. Mary also displays a great deal of fashion-consciousness – she dresses the best, and wears heels on the job, even though it’s dangerous. When one of her friends shames her for admiring a white man, she says she is an equal opportunist, with the right to admire “fine in every color.” Mary does have a future career she is working toward, but doesn’t put much thought into it, beyond what she can tangibly achieve in the present. She is mechanically-minded, and has a very specific, thinker’s job at NASA. She’s an engineer who is frustrated that because she is black, and a woman, she does not have the job she’s qualified for, and could do – so she sets out to even up the status quo. Her friends and family hear her Fe on an ongoing basis; whenever she’s angry about something, she complains about it – at length (Dorothy tells her to either do something about it, or shut up). If she sees a handsome man, she remarks on it. If her husband challenges her, she asks him if he really wants to continue this discussion. She has a sarcastic response waiting in just about any situation (when she enters the all-white classroom she fought for the right to attend, she looks at them all staring at her, and deadpans, “I don’t see a black section… shall I just sit anywhere?”).

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Mary is tough-talking and no-nonsense; when the cop car pulls up to them on the side of the road, her friends tell her to keep her mouth shut and not sass him, since they all want to get to work and not wind up in the local jail. She still sasses him… a little bit. As much as she can get away with. Then she tailgates him to NASA for sheer fun. When her husband insinuates he doesn’t like something she did, she fiercely asserts herself. She bravely walks into a courtroom, informs the judge to his face that she’s been unfairly treated, and here’s his chance to make things right. She notices, and comments on, physical traits. Mary’s 7 wing is precocious and funny. She has a joke ready at the drop of a hat, and tends to overdo things – her drinking, her laughing, and her silliness.