Katherine has an incredible understanding of the system of mathematics. Even as a child, she had an instinctual comprehension of it and excelled in all her classes, allowing her to move on to a college-level mathematics course at thirteen years old. Once she has mastered a total framework of understanding, she moves on to application and does it for the pure joy of it. Katherine simply applies what she knows to whatever new task her supervisors put in front of her. She is logical and detached, but also angry when she is not given the details necessary to figure out her equations (she finally bucks authority, holds the documents up to the light, and reads through the blacked out bits, in order to calculate the math necessary to make a successful rocket launch). Her inferior Fe shows in her willingness to ascribe to social norms and expectations, her warmth as a friend and mother, her corrections of her children’s inappropriate behavior, and her tolerance of others’ actions in the workforce. Under stress, after having to run half an hour in the rain just to use a bathroom and having her supervisor demand to know where she goes every day for 45 minutes at a time, Katherine has a full inferior Fe meltdown and lets everyone in the department have it. She talks about how they treat her, how she must use her own coffee pot, how there are no bathrooms for “me anywhere in this block,” and how she has never complained but that it’s unfair. Her outburst results in a departmental change across NASA (“at NASA,” her Te-dom supervisor asserts, “everyone pees the same color!”). She is also a bit touchy whenever anyone infers that women cannot do math. One of Katherine’s pet peeves in not having “clearance” is that at the end of the day, all her calculations are dumped in the trash as being no longer relevant to the launch math. “Things move so fast around here,” her supervisor says, “that it’s nothing personal.” Katharine knows she can adjust herself that fast – her mind is a literal “computer,” and she wants the right to instantly adjust the system and her own calculations based on new information. She can put aside whatever math she was checking or working on, and dive into something else, when it’s demanded of her – shifting her focus entirely and easily and abandoning former approaches when they are no longer relevant. She quickly grasps the system, and abstract complex equations, seeing what others miss – the math required to get the rocket into space and back down safely. She is methodical and detailed in her work. Katherine’s own experiences in the world have shaped her opinions and expectations; unlike her friend Mary, she is more careful of authority and does not attempt to change the status queue, she simply lives inside “how it is” (the racism she faces at work) and uses preexisting systems to get her work done. Katherine prefers to stick to what she is good at and dedicates the time and energies available to becoming an expert at it (Si).

Enneagram: 5w6 so/sp

Katherine’s friends accuse her of being dreamy and losing focus, since she is staring out the window and thinking rather than helping them get the car started. She uses her job and her knowledge as a buffer between herself and the outside world, and is not eager to step outside her comfort zone – Mary has to encourage her to consider seeing a handsome man who has caught their eye. She is an expert at what she does, having developed a complex understanding of math. She is extremely logical, and for the most part, able to remain emotionally detached at work, even in the face of constant criticism, devaluing, and racist attitudes (such as making her drink out of her own “colored” coffee pot). But Katherine also stands up for herself – she demands the right to see all the data, she demands to have her name on the report, and she ultimately commands the respect of her peers by being good at what she does. Fear shows in her desire to only make waves over things of personal importance to her (the credit, doing her job well, getting it right) – she 6ishly wants to be included, respected, and not make unnecessary waves. She has a warm and charming side, but is also careful – rather than risk being fired or getting into trouble by using a local bathroom, she runs half a mile twice a day to use the old one in the other department building.