Uhura has no problem adapting to a quick-changing environment; she often takes on high-risk missions, confident she figure her way out of any new situation. She’s attentive to her environment, and aware of any small changes in the people around her (noticing the slightest changes in mood in Spock and also Kirk). She is largely unconcerned with facing dangerous experiences, and volunteers to step up and do what is necessary to accomplish their goals, without much fear even if it requires risking her own life. She easily adapts to the moment and looks for the fastest, most available opportunity to act for immediate results (“Can you beam someone down?”). Her ability to get in sync with others assists her in being a skilled linguist, and in picking up on other people’s subtle physical mannerisms and intentions. She is very outgoing, fearless, and assertive. Though her focus is mostly on the here and now, her joining of the program indicates a long-term plan and goal for her life, which is connected to something larger than her own self-interests: a desire to serve humanity and a hunger for a greater purpose. Uhura is accurate in her prediction of what the Klingons will likely do to them, and quickly thinks up a way to try and prevent their capture, torture, and murder from happening (Se-Te). She is highly emotional and very compassionate, but doesn’t talk about her feelings so much as encourages others to think about how their actions will impact her emotionally. When faced with Spock’s incredible loss of his entire planet, most of his race, and his mother, Uhura doesn’t ask him to open up emotionally to her – she asks him what he needs her to do for him. This is how she expresses her love. Uhura is somewhat private, and not interested in talking about her personal life, or her true feelings, with others, although she alludes to them with Kirk (“No, it’s not you” who has the problem; it’s Spock). Her ability to plan and want to follow through on that plan through accomplishing measurable goals shows in her determination to be assigned to the Enterprise. Uhura quickly points to the obvious factual solutions to their problems (beam her down, send her to speak with the Klingons to broker peace, etc), and also has some respect for the rules of the academy, which makes her turn up her nose at Kirk’s tendency to flout them.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/so

Uhura shows us from the start she’s a tough, no-nonsense cookie when she smoothly turns down Kirk’s drink at the bar, tells other people she can fight her own battles (“Yes, he’s bothering me, but nothing I can’t handle”), and then refuses to tell him her first name. She demands a position on the same star ship as Spock, even though he initially refused to avoid the appearance of favoritism; she also breaks the school rules by dating him in the first place, because it’s what she wants for her life (8s don’t think rules apply to them, and see no need to repress their sexual needs). She also demands respect as a linguist and puts herself forward to use her skills to help the team. Uhura has an adventurous spirit and a sense of humor. Space enables her to find a way to experience constantly changing environments, to keep her interest levels up and engage her 7 desire for fun and new adventures.