Lucille is an expert midwife due to her ability to memorize facts and details from medical school — in fact, some of the more experienced midwives call upon her for assistance whenever they are stumped, since they better trust her book knowledge. Though she left Jamaica for better work experiences, she still thinks about home and takes comfort in things that are similar to it — she enjoys finding a church full of Jamaicans, and eating in Jamaican restaurants. She leaps at the chance to work in a big hospital, because she is eager to gain more work experience and familiarize herself with hospital procedures. She admits that sometimes she is taken aback when others do not simply accept her, since she is not used to their racism. Lucille likes to keep in mind and work toward a larger picture in her interactions with others (she feels it’s her duty to help others confront their racism in a nonthreatening way, so others can have the benefit of her experiences. She chose a profession that enables her to work with as many people as possible and also develop her interpersonal social skills. After spending time on the hospital staff, Lucille sees how the hospital and midwives need better interactions and information, and proposes the hospital produce their sign-out sheets in triplicate, so the midwives can better care for their patients using the hospital information, a procedure Sister Julienne eagerly adopts. Lucille is used to dealing with racism, but also confides in others about how it makes her feel. When Sister Julienne removes her from a position to not make a woman ‘uncomfortable,’ Lucille politely informs her she must not do this, because ‘it teaches her that racism is okay.’ She wants inclusion and acceptance, but uses diplomacy to win others over to her side; when the same woman is unkind to her, Lucille defends her in public; thus using a rational method to put them on the same side. She struggles between what she wants (to join the home church) and what she feels would be best for other people of color (her staying in her current church, and sticking up for herself against others who do not wish her to be there).

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Lucille is honest, hard-working, and devoted to doing the right thing; she will not let others’ racism stop her from doing her job, nor does she believe they should “tolerate it,” since it sets a bad moral precedent. She cares very much about doing the right thing and acting professionally. She rarely loses her temper, but is calmly assertive and firm in dealing with troublesome patients. Her 2 wing makes her more forgiving of their flaws and able to see their potential, as well as more confident in asserting herself whenever she is displeased. She does not mind talking to Sister Julienne about what she does not like. She often allows others to bolster her and give her greater confidence. Lucille wants to be included and find a sense of “community.”