Pete is all about the here and now—about taking cute girls to the prom or for a spin in the limo, about hitting on Chloe, and about playing sports to get out of being the next “Smallville Scarecrow.” When he finds the spaceship in a cornfield, Pete hauls Clark out there to help him carry it off, reasoning that if they wait much longer, someone else might come along and find it (he lied to the sheriff about not remembering the scene of the accident, to hide it). He also takes things at a surface value, assuming because he only told Clark, and now it’s missing, and he saw him and his dad leaving, that they must have stolen it. Pete when he finds out about his best friend’s powers immediately asks if he has ever used his X-ray vision to look into the girl’s locker room. For a while, he takes up drag racing for the thrill, until it almost gets him hurt. Pete eventually decides to move away from his friends because he feels like keeping Clark’s secret while being around him is too difficult, and that he might mess up and expose his best friend. He is aware of how things look to others, and thinks in terms of “group protection,” but is also somewhat impulsive—when someone threatens him, Pete tells him that spaceship belongs to someone bigger and stronger than him, so he’d better not mess with Pete – only to realize a minute later that he almost exposed Clark. He winds up being kidnapped and held for information. Pete shows a lot of tert-Fe in the openness of his communication. He is still angry about how Lionel Luther “screwed my family out of the corn factory” years after it happened, and uses that as his reasoning for hating his friend Clark’s new friendship with Lex. On the few occasions Pete is under the influence of a foreign or alien artifact, he relishes telling Lex to his face what he thinks of him. He also confides in Chloe that he’s afraid Lex is stealing his best friend, contributing to his jealousy over their friendship. Pete has weak intuition. He rarely thinks about anything beyond the moment or looks ahead. He’s skeptical of all Chloe’s theories and thinks they are somewhat absurd (until he finds a space ship, and then they seem more plausible). Pete is naturally suspicious of Lex, and sometimes of others that turn up in their life, but his insights into people are often wrong.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Pete is all about keeping things light, flirting with girls, and having a good time. He has a quick sense of humor, and likes to have fun, whether that includes dangerous sports or purchasing a class ring. He is also aggressive in his pursuit of what he wants—and sometimes angry about not being confided in. Pete’s desire to keep things interesting means living on the edge, feeling somewhat jealous at times of what others have, and longing for a more interesting life. He thinks it’s cool once he finds out about Clark’s abilities, because of the new world it opens up for him and all the fabulous things they can now do together. His 6 wing shows up whenever bad things happen in Smallville. He becomes suspicious and even paranoid, distrusting Lex and feeling concerned with the possibility of betraying his best friend. Eventually fear that he might expose Clark causes him to walk out on their friendship, because he couldn’t stand to hurt his friend like that.