Marissa is the first person to always search for a deeper meaning or ascribe symbolic meaning to Gary receiving the paper. She says the paper “chose him” because it knew he could do this and make a difference. She speculates that he receives it for a reason—and should do all he can to change the future and save people. Marissa wonders where the paper came from, who had it before Gary, and what they did with it. She accredits the paper to “God” having sent it, and sees Gary as kind of a “hero of the masses.” Marissa, out of a desire to better understand people, studies psychology as her “larger life plan” while tending to the bar as Gary’s partner. She likes to think about and plan for the future, but has poor Sensory awareness. Despite being blind, in a moment of total recklessness, she tries to save someone in Gary’s place and almost gets herself killed in the process when she falls onto a platform suspended above a sheer drop. Though a little anxious about this, Marissa takes it all in stride. She has the attitude that Gary should indeed give up his free time, chances at a career, and even his romantic relationships for the greater good in helping people, and finds his blaming of the paper for his personal problems to be a lame excuse. Marissa can be judgmental, sometimes prematurely, passing judgment on Gary’s actions, before she has heard the entire story (judging him for taking a kid to a strip joint, for letting him eat the wrong things not on his mother’s food list, for Gary having “a woman” in his apartment overnight, etc). But she is also eager to help him, offer him relationship advice, listen to his troubles, and counsel him about the best thing to do. She has a quiet, reassuring presence about her, and is often free with her own opinions and feelings (her fondness for Erica, her dislike of Chuck, her disapproval over misbehavior, etc).

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Marissa has firm views and is decisive, but also opinionated. She will nag Gary if he breaks or bends the rules, always urging him to do more of the right thing, to refrain from complaining about the gift he has been given, and telling him how what he is doing is noble, because it is “helping people.” She has a low opinion of Chuck’s actions, because they often involve thievery, manipulation, blackmail, tax evasion, and other forms of irresponsible behaviors. Marissa is a steadfast, dedicated employee who wants to do everything “by the book,” tax-wise. Her 2 wing doesn’t shy away from sharing its views, or from attempting to help Gary out in whatever way she can, even sometimes at her own personal risk.