Lt. Ford is a competent thinker on his feet. He wants to leap into action where others hesitate, often rushing in to assist or save Sheppard. He and Beckett butt heads whenever they are on a mission together, since Ford’s method is to instantly leap into the fray, such as when he wants Beckett to fly through a hurricane to get back to Atlantis to help his commanding officer deal with a problem. Ford pushes him to take a risk by flying over the storm and down into its eye; he then arms all his friends with weapons and leads a rescue / sabotage mission. He often disobeys orders to take the initiative. He does not show much Ni, except under pressure when he becomes convinced of forthcoming doom (such as when he thinks his “brains are going to explode” after being exposed to a nano-virus). He is rational and Teyla at one point complains he sometimes makes logical choices that go against any kind of internal moral code — he thinks stealing to get what they need is sometimes acceptable. Ford knows what must be done, and figures out how he’s going to do it, while doing it — whatever he cannot do himself, like piloting the Puddlejumpers (due to not having the Ancient gene), he urges other people to do. He finds workarounds to deal with his Wraith adrenaline addiction. Morally, Ford sometimes argues with McKay over the moral right of what they are doing. He doesn’t believe they should be tolerant and allow kids to continue committing suicide, in order to stay within the protective shield against the Wraith. But neither does he force his views on anyone else. Ford is warm and likable, but after being harmed by the Wraith and abandoned, Ford becomes addicted to a Wraith enzyme, and does anything to get it (even if his methods are dubious).

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Ford chose to come to another galaxy and eagerly goes out and meets new people and encounters new things. He doesn’t want to miss out on anything, including a “casual ride in a space ship around a foreign planet.” He’s often volunteering for missions and maintains a sense of optimism and determination to succeed even when things look bad. His 8 wing is direct and controlling. Ford has a combative attitude in the field, and isn’t above using underhanded tactics to gain the upper hand. He instinctively knows who is in power and, when unhealthy and an enzyme addict, wants to make sure it’s him.