Teal’c has a strong connection to his past, the traditions of his people, and his memories of serving “the gods.” He is somewhat resistant to overthrowing all the old ideologies and abandoning the former way of life, but also realizes that much of the past is evil and corrupt, and some systems and beliefs must be abandoned in order to move forward. He is fiercely protective of his people and his family, and able to help them adjust to a new life because he, himself, has gone through many of the same doubts, fears, and exchange of ideas and beliefs. It can take him awhile to catch on to hidden meanings in things, or embrace a different lifestyle, but Teal’c does adapt to his new environment. He is cautious in exploring new worlds but also interested in their people and civilizations. His natural leadership skills and ability to do whatever was necessary led him to climb through the guard ranks into a position of authority. Teal’c issues orders and expects obedience. He remains impartial when making tactical decisions. He takes things so literally that human jokes must be explained to him before he can understand them; and if they are illogical, he cannot find them amusing. He is awkward in sharing his feelings with others, and hesitates to do so. Teal’c would rather suffer through his pain in silence, or leave it unaddressed among his friends. He had such strong moral character that he flat out refused to murder a room full of people when ordered to do so, and chose to abandon his former position as a high ranking guard to assist the SG team in helping the prisoners escape. Honor is important to him. He would rather die than live without it.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Teal’c is highly logical, rational, and principled. He believes in doing things out of duty and service and expecting nothing in return. Once he gives his word, he stands by it, even at great personal cost to himself. The loss of his honor would shame him in his own eyes. He finds Jack’s 7ish desire to always make jokes somewhat confusing, because he prefers a more serious, studied manner of being. His 9 wing dislikes conflict, is stubborn in being who he wants to be without outside interference, and helps him numb himself to unpleasant things. He is quite content to maintain a quiet lifestyle of meditation and focus whenever he has down time — and no interest in introducing disorderly things into his routine