Ned is a warm, extroverted, and open individual who easily tells Nancy what he is thinking and feeling. He wants to be a genuine, important piece of her life, an actual partner, rather than just an after school shag, and when she is not willing to go along with that, open up emotionally, include him in her decisions, or respect his need to help others, Ned has no problem pulling the plug on their relationship. He is often quick to include himself in the group, and to think in terms of “we” – he buys the diner, so that he and George can run it together, and because he knows she cannot afford to pay for it herself. Ned is very good at comforting his friends and offering moral support, but confesses that his earlier life of crime did not involve much forethought – he simply acted, without thinking through the consequences of his choices (inferior Ti). Unlike Nancy, who takes risks and operates off lower intuition, Ned prefers a methodical approach to crime-solving. He gathers clues. He asks people questions. He stops to consider the evidence and then makes educated guesses, based on what they know for certain – and sometimes, he is right. Ned bases a lot of his current behavior off his own personal experiences; he knows where he went wrong in the past, and is determined not to go down that road again. He has a strong sense of loyalty to his friends and coworkers, which strengthens the more time he spends with them. He’s open to brainstorming with them, about what to do, and can change or wing it on occasion (lower Ne).

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Ned is eager to help, and assumes that’s the best way to get Nancy to like him. He offers to take her places and be her wing-man. He assumes what he “gives” in their intimate relationship will earn him something – her emotional honesty and willingness to share. He helps out people in town, he helps out George in the diner, he helps out Bess whenever she needs backup. Ned is generally thoughtful, compassionate, and kind, but also knows when he has had enough. His 3 wing is hardworking, wants to look good, and has ambitions toward the future.