Abigail is a hard-working and resourceful woman, whose reluctance to spy for the cause stems primarily from her apprehensions about the potential “fall out” for herself and her son, Cicero. She is a meticulous woman, who takes her role in Major Andre’s household very seriously, after being transferred from the home of Anna Strong into her new position. She remembers in detail, the messages sent between Peggy and Arnold, so that she can repeat them word for word. She is warm and competent with her own feelings and those of others. When Peggy asks her advice about what to tell Andre about the letter she received from Benedict Arnold, Abigail listens to her concerns with compassion and then tells her to be honest, that she does not think Andre is the kind of man who would be upset by it. She often empathizes with and consoles Andre, as he struggles to deal with his feelings. Abigail sees herself as solely responsible for her son’s health, safety, and welfare. Over time, she begins to question her own role in the war effort, and undertakes acting as a spy, but also wrestles with her guilt in the unwitting role she played in getting someone killed. When a man offers her a chance at a new life, away from the war, she wants time to think about it, and shows apprehension at it being different from what she is accustomed to, but later grows into more confidence, and a belief that remaining in servitude is not what is best for herself, or her boy.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Abigail believes in being secure above all else. She does not want to take risks for the spy ring or anyone else, at first. She is apprehensive about them using her name, and her son’s name, to send messages back and forth. She is careful to draw no attention to herself, while also being warm and amiable, compassionate and even good-natured. She strikes up a “sort of” friendship with Major Andre, whom she likes because he actually pays her for the work she did, unlike Mr. Strong. When a man she happens to like offers to help her escape to Canada, she refuses him at first, because it doesn’t seem a safe proposal to her. Her 5 wing is introverted, self-trusting, and prefers to keep most of her thoughts inside her own head. She does not make decisions lightly, but also has the 6 tendency of loyalty to Anna and to her friends (even when they disappoint her).

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