Akinbode is a very action-oriented man, who became known in the camps for his hard manual labor, his tendency to beat people to a pulp who challenged him, his unwillingness to bend to coercion, and his quick-reactions, which more than once saved a superior officer from being shot. Given the chance to become a Queen’s Ranger after winning a fight, Akinbode followed Rogers, then deftly switched and adapted to follow Simcoe, after Rogers’ lost his command. Bored and unsatisfied with his life, he approaches Abigail with her son and says he wants to take them both to Canada the next time she sees him, but implies that will be the last time they see each other, if she is not ready to abandon her previous life and make a new one with him. This is the extent of his far-reaching thinking, since he is much more a man of direct physical engagement. Akinbode sees that this is not the life he wants, and does not intend for it to be “all I ever have.” When it would be prudent to bow to authority, Akinbode does not, when it conflicts with his sense of personal autonomy. He can be easily aggravated or insulted, lashing out against those who offend him with his fists, and also fiercely invested in a few people—such as Abigail. He loves her, he wants her to know it, and he’s a man of few words, so he shoots straight with her and is honest (she needs to decide between her life of ‘paid enslavement’ or what he has to offer). Akinbode sees the worth of obedience to superior officers, and to being paid for his service; he takes the chance to enlist and earn his freedom, and is also good at smelling a rat, sensing a trap, and urging his superior officers toward a different plan of action.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Akinbode has a fierce temper, and a need to ‘be against’ – anyone who doesn’t like him, anyone who thinks they can boss him around, anyone who intends to force him to submit, or humiliate him. He answers threats with his fists, but also a calm sense of knowing who has the power in the situation. He can be protective, assertive, aggressive, and plainspoken, viewing Abigail’s hesitation and safety-focus as ‘cowardice’ but also wanting to take on protecting her and her son. His 7 wing longs for freedom from constraint, to escape his old life, and eagerly sets out upon adventures.