Opportunistic and street-smart, Gunn is always willing to take the fight to the next level – and use his fists when and where necessary. He innovates clever traps for vampires and other monsters, and leaps at the chance to adapt to a new set of circumstances and people, when he decides to help out Angel. If he sees someone he likes, he tends to move in on it quickly—which leads to his relationship with Fred. His fighting skills outrank almost everyone else in Angel Investigations. He can also be impulsive and thrill-seeking. Gunn has such a strong ability to make impersonal decisions he “dusts” his sister after she becomes a vampire, even though this torments him for a long time afterward. She has become the enemy, so for the good of everyone, and because he knows her body is just a demon’s vessel, he puts her out of her “misery.” He has a history of shrewd decisions, motivated toward personal gain – for himself or the greater society on the whole, whom Gunn feels duty-bound to protect. Angel finds him protecting inner street kids. Then he expands this to working for Angel Investigations, and finally, undertaking a position within Wolfram & Hart within the legal department (after agreeing to a brain “improvement” that downloads legal matters into his head). He’s inferior Fe cares about protecting the weak, but is awkward in his social interactions – and rather judgmental about appearances (he insults Cordelia by referring to her as a Barbie). He also judges Angel, because he’s a vampire, until working alongside him convinces him of Angel’s better nature – but still remains suspicious of him, for a long time. In being around the others, he adopts some of their attitudes toward their boss, but still remains independent and opinionated. He can talk his way out of most bad situations, but fails to understand what is going on under the surface until it becomes apparent. is lower Ni has ‘one’ view’ and is prone to harsh, black and white thinking – “all vampires are bad.” It takes an effort on Angel’s part to change his mind. Once he decides to commit to something, he goes all-in, and sometimes underestimates the fall-out, such when one of his decisions inadvertently leads to Fred’s death.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sx

Gunn refuses to “know his place” or put up with any nonsense. He assumes himself to be the leader of the street kids, and isn’t afraid to fight to defend that. He can be brisk, abrasive, and straightforward. He wants you to tell it to him straight, and returns the favor to others by telling them flat out if he doesn’t like or trust them. Gunn feels a need to protect those weaker than himself, and often rushes in to ‘even the score.’ He fiercely rejects any restrictions on him, which is both his 8 and his 7 need for independence and the freedom to do what he likes. Under stress, he can become more calculating and emotionally isolated, though he also resists ‘tender’ emotions and tends to respond with anger.