Meg finds it difficult to wrap her mind around abstract concepts at first, until she figures out how she fits into the larger puzzle. Once she knows the object is to find and rescue her dad, she is able to focus and stay detached when Charles Wallace becomes IT. She’s fascinated with quantum physics and good at math, easily able to understand that which fits into her system already – such as “lift” when flying on the alien planet. She also is able to piece together how she can rescue her brother when she figures out what each gift means and how she can use it against the evil. When her principle asks her what would happen if her missing dad walked through the door, Meg admits “my life would make sense again.” Meg is focused on what she can see and experience; she lives in the moment and finds it hard to wrap her mind around the Mrs’ difficult abstract concepts. But, she is very good at recognizing opportunities – once she feels safe, she is able to push off (literally) and fly. She notices discrepancies in her environment, and is cautious but self-assured once she has a mission to find and save her brother – if they hide in the tree, the storm will fling them over the wall. She shows moments of lower Ni, in how she suddenly pieces together things – like how to use her “gifts” to free her brother from evil’s clutches. She has repressed emotions she does not share easily, but when she does show them, they’re all about other people – trying to protect Calvin’s reputation from being seen with her, trying to help keep Charles safe, worrying about her mom. She tries to fit in at school, but not “that” much; the abuse and teasing of her classmates gets to her, but cannot compare with her own negative self image.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Meg trusts no one. She’s suspicious of everyone and everything, doubting, questioning, and holding them at a distance. She’s cautious about going on adventures and experiencing new worlds. She holds onto her brother and Calvin (literally), finding herself “safe” with them. Her father’s disappearance means a gap in her support system, and she does not feel safe or right without him there. The story is all about her learning to overcome her fears, let go of other people, and find faith in herself – to love herself, despite the glaring flaws she sees in herself. She has to grow into her 5 wing and find self-reliance, stop hiding from the world behind other people and her own knowledge.