Cinna has an instinctual awareness of how to influence the emotions of a crowd. Rather than dress Peeta and Katniss in the traditional and dull “coal miners” outfits, he transforms them into the man and “woman on fire.” He also suggests they hold hands, to promote a spirit of unity, and make them seem aligned in their first presentation before the Capital. He is clever at showing subtle but profound signs of rebellion, and in concealing his association with the Rebellion itself, from their enemies. Rather than remain distant from her as a Tribute, Cinna takes the time to comfort Katniss, and tell her if he was allowed to bet, he would bet on her survival. He takes a risk, in revealing her ‘wedding dress’ before the crowd, in one last ditch attempt to influence them emotionally into protesting Katniss’ second Hunger Games. He takes an unorthodox, highly symbolic approach to his costume designs, in an attempt to transform Katniss into a symbol of the Rebellion. He turns her into “the girl on fire,” and then “the symbol of the mockingjay,” taking inspiration from her tribute to Rue’s death. He admits his intention to make them “unforgettable.” He cares very much about appearances and how to make a tremendous impact on the audience in a very real, visceral, impressive way. Cinna is at times opportunistic and reckless, such as when he defies Snow with her wedding gown transforming into a black mockingjay gown, the action which arguably leads to his own murder.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sx

Katniss suspects no one knows the true Cinna, because he is so able to keep his cool, even in intense situations. He has “become” whatever he needed to become, to make it this far, to become a professional designer, and to have a means of impacting her life in a meaningful way. Appearances are everything to him. His designs must be perfect, gorgeous, and above all, memorable. He says he channels his emotions into his art and creativity, which is his 4 wing.