Rue is a warm, compassionate, and considerate girl who fully understands the value of human life and refuses to kill the other tributes. She survives through evasion tactics instead. An optimistic and good-hearted girl, she forms an alliance with Katniss by helping her survive after she’s injured. Rue points out how she can escape the tree by dropping the tracker jackers on those waiting under it to kill her, tells her they can use the mockingjays to communicate, and helps her gather intel to sabotage their enemies. She forms a largely silent bond of “understanding” with Katniss that makes them fast friends. She relies on her quickness and ability to hide to stay away from her enemies, but never descends to the level of necessity in trying to protect herself with physical violence. She enjoyed her life of farming and working outdoors, before being chosen as a Tribute. In the arena, she adapts quickly to the territory, and finds all the best places to climb and hide. She is nimble and able to make long jumps — trusting her body and hands to keep her safe in the treetops, and earning a surprisingly high rating from the judges due to her evasive skills. Rue is extremely observant and notices things others do not; she quickly seizes opportunities to act, from pointing out the hornet nest to Katniss to stealing someone else’s knife, and seeing their plan to take out the other tributes as an exciting adventure. She loves nature and being in it, and even strikes up a kinship with the birds, with whom she likes to sing. She is quite daring, both in her cheekiness and her willingness to take risks. Her forward thinking is shown in her careful gathering of information and her long-term plan of survival (to run and hide, then befriend Katniss).

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Rue is smart enough to know she cannot survive fully on her own, and she looks for a protector. She watches all the Tributes train carefully to learn which ones to fear, and which ones might be open to being her friend — and shows Katniess she is not a threat by helping her out of a sticky situation. Rue would rather run and hide than stand and fight, enabling her to live much longer than the Tributes who face their foes directly. Her 7 wing is adventurous and cheeky; she steals a Tribute’s knife in training, as a prank, which causes him to turn on his friends and accuse them of theft. Despite her terrible situation, Rue remains optimistic about her chances of survival.