Mickey is an expert at hacking computer programs, and understanding how they work, and at one point, recognizes the Doctor and Rose treat him like “the tin dog.” Someone to problem-solve and trouble-shoot, rather than contributing anything more meaningful. When confronted with how to stop a bunch of kids from continuing to upload information from their enhanced brains into a firewall, Mickey simply pulls the plug – but he tries to over-think how to get into the school in the first place, leading the tin dog to remind him “we are in a car” (therefore, can crash through the doors!). He is able to adapt to his environment quickly – when thrust into an alternate universe, Mickey breaks away from the group to do his own thing and visit his grandmother, then is mistaken for “Rickey” – his alternate self – and fills his shoes for awhile, both before and after being discovered. He is adept at using his environment as a weapon –things like defending Jackie against the Christmas invasion with a baseball bat, to noticing a human heart sewn into an alien spaceship. The more Mickey gains confidence, the more interested he is in having adventures, on going into space, in forming rescue missions, and in eventually joining the Resistance, striking up a relationship with Martha, and handling various crises on earth. While at first Mickey is resistant toward the idea of the Doctor, he does come to change his mind about him. However, he has occasional prudent flashes of insight (“I am the tin dog?!”) and ultimately, wants to devote his life to a higher calling. Though initially resentful of Rose dumping him for a space alien, Mickey comes to like the Doctor and enjoy their adventures together. He has a general need to care for his grandmother, and often puts himself at risk for his friends – but is also somewhat angry, out of touch with his feelings, and prone to whining under pressure (feeling disrespected, unwanted, and disliked).

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

The Doctor at first dislikes Mickey for his “cowardice.” He is cautious, distrustful, and does not want to take risks. This leads Rose to eventually find him “boring” – he doesn’t stimulate her 7 in the way that will keep her attention focused on him, which in turn makes him angry, because he is faithful to her, takes care of her mother in her year-long absence, and loyal almost to a fault. Jackie makes his life hell after Rose disappears, but still Mickey comes by to check on her, and defends her life against aliens. He continues to remain loyal to and protective of Rose, long after she has lost interest in him. It’s only when the Doctor regenerates into a different, and in Mickey’s mind, “better” version of himself that the two become friends. Mickey goes from being self-doubting and passive, to being forward-reacting and aggressive. He grows out of fear into courage, and becomes a resistance fighter. His loyalty won’t let him leave anyone behind in a factory about to blow up, even though it could kill him in the process. Hi 5 wing at first doesn’t want to travel with the Doctor, and is apprehensive about new experiences, but also gathers expertise to help him cope with the outside world, and enables him to trust himself.