Deloris decided as a kid, she had enough of her lousy town—so she went to Vegas, she became a Lounge Singer, and she… accidentally got romantically entangled with a mob boss. Oops. She bursts into his office to tell him off about giving her a lousy mink coat (which is also “fabulous”) and witnesses a murder. She then makes a run for it, tells the cops all about it, and winds up stuck in a nunnery until the trial. Except… that place is boring as hell to her, so she ‘gets into trouble.’ She leaves the compound, she almost gets into a bar brawl, and as a last resort, she undertakes training up the nuns so their choir doesn’t suck. But horrors upon horrors, Deloris brings in ‘hip’ music that brings fame and fortune and “butts into the church seats,” meaning… she could get found after all. Woops. She uses her newfound ‘piety’ to get herself out of a sticky situation, by pretending to be a nun while dressed as one. But thinking about the future, other than “I’m gonna be famous?” Nah. As a child, she strutted to the front of the classroom and proudly listed the apostles as John, Paul, George, and Ringo. When her teacher told her off, she just smiled. Deloris has always needed to be “herself.” If she doesn’t like you, you hear about it. She doesn’t much care about others’ feelings, either… she can be blunt, tactless, and argumentative, not wanting to bow to authority or have herself in any way ‘curbed’ from having a good time. Man, did you know nuns don’t even have sex?! But she manages to put on a smile, pretend to be nice, and even get the nuns to work together, to make a better choir. She does this by organizing them and figuring out how to pass a lot of the boring practice work onto someone who wants to do it. That way, Deloris just gets the praise and to hear the nice music, rather than having her ears burn listening to a bunch of white ladies who are “out of tune.”

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Deloris doesn’t want to get stuck in a nunnery, because there is no fun to be had; she complains that these people don’t do anything all day but ‘pray’ (they don’t even have sex!). She stays up most of the night out of rebellion against their bedtimes, and as a teenager, enjoyed sassing her teachers and looked forward to the days of freedom from Catholic school. She is always running away from things and looking for stimulation of some kind, even if that’s just to sneak across the street to the bar. Deloris’ 6 wing shows in how after she stops rebelling against the Mother Superior, she starts looking for positive ways to interact with the other nuns, protecting them when they need it, using her quick thinking to save their lives (and her own), and finding pleasant ways to get them to work together as a group and harmonize. She also runs for her life, terrified of her boyfriend after she sees him kill someone, and doesn’t waste any time in seeking the authorities and asking for help, or trusting them to do their job rather than taking matters into her own hands. She doesn’t like conflict, either, since she points out that the Mother Superior doesn’t like her (and she doesn’t want to stay anywhere she isn’t liked).