Gwen is a woman of fierce opinions, who does not shy away from expressing them—including her dislike of Prince Arthur, whom she disapproves of, due to his careless and bullying behaviors. She quickly forms an attachment to and a fondness for Merlin, telling him that she admires him for standing up to the boorish prince. Over time, as Arthur proves himself more considerate of others, she comes to like him better, but she is always a strong voice of moral strength in Camelot. She has a warm and approachable side, but is also conscious of her place and social expectations as a servant and uncomfortable with the sudden transition into a queen. Gwen is willing to put aside her own feelings for Arthur and walk away from their relationship, to avoid causing unwanted friction between him and his father. Gwen is sensible, and down to earth, but for the most part allows her compassion to dictate her decisions, and finds emotionless decisions to be rather “cruel” (inferior Ti). She has great respect for the traditions of Camelot; she is resistant to the idea of falling in love with Arthur, or becoming his queen, at first because it goes against all the major mythologies of the period. Up until she gets to know Arthur on a personal level, she judges him based on their previous interactions and her observations of his selfish behavior (she has known him for years, and he’s never been nice). Gwen feels the most comfortable when things are predictable and she does not mind keeping to a routine. Such things as the Knights of Camelot captivate her imagination, and she is surprised if their behavior deviates from what she sees as “appropriate.” She is cautious and suspicious of other people; Gwen attentively watches the people around her and can sense when more is going on than is first apparent. She often knows who to trust or distrust, long before Merlin or Arthur pick up on it. She does not like to take big risks, because she cannot foresee the outcome.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Gwen is a generous giver of her time, her emotions, and her heart. She helps just about anyone who asks her, without expecting much in return other than simple human kindness. Gwen is far more concerned with other people’s feelings and in keeping them happy than she is willing to adhere to her own needs (her belief she should step aside as queen, in order to maintain stability in the kingdom). But whenever she is threatened, Gwen disintegrates into 8 behaviors – she becomes authoritative, punishing of bad behavior, and even domineering. She tells off Arthur on multiple occasions for being a jerk. Her 1 wing contributes to this, since she has firm views on what is appropriate and what is not, what is tolerable, and what is not, and how a prince “ought” to act (out of consideration for others!).