Blanc wants everything to ‘make sense’ to him, and continues digging at what appears to be an ‘open and shut case’ just because not everything adds up. He has to poke and prod at it, to find answers to satisfy his own curiosity and form a conclusion about what crime was committed and why. He points out the holes in the case, which the other police are willing to overlook, and is also curious as to who hired him and for what purpose. His inferior Fe is detached, but also “kind” and considerate, focused on being appropriate, and judges Marta based purely on her external behaviors – he considers her to be a “good” person because of her profession and sweetness. He knows more is going on than first appears to be, simply because he has been drawn to the case – and does not rule out anyone as a suspect. He draws broad intuitive conclusions based on the detail-seeking he does – assuming a man is having an affair, the details of what someone overheard in the bathroom, the role the perpetrator played in events, that Marta knows far more than she is letting on, etc. Blanc admits that he goes into crime scenes with no suppositions, merely allows the facts, evidence, and clues to point him in the right direction – and he is meticulous at detail-gathering. He points it out when his suspects’ stories contradict one another or when another’s assertion undermines a statement by someone in the house.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Blanc wants to get to the bottom of the mystery, and trusts his own insights more than he relies upon anyone else. He is almost invisible at first, preferring to watch, listen, and draw rational conclusions upon the answers given, but then becomes more forthright in approaching people and asking more invasive questions. He does not care for conflict, and is quick to diffuse it, even apologizing where necessary to smooth things over so that he can continue in his investigation.