This section contains massive spoilers. Marta is so detail-driven that a slight discrepancy throws her off; she assumes she has given someone the right dosage of medicine, only to notice the label says otherwise—in a panic, she falls into inferior Ne catastrophic reasoning (but it’s based in the facts—he will die under that dosage). Thing is, she believes she did something she did not. Yet, how did she make that mistake? She didn’t! Blanc points out in the big reveal that Marta gave her boss the right dosage, because she felt the tiny yet unmistakable difference in the bottles. She did not have to look at the label, because “you had done it a thousand times before.” It was the labels that threw her off, not her sensory-memory, formed of repeated knowledge and experience. Marta has a clear memory of the events directly connected to her, and lower anxiety about the future, but no true ability to put the pieces together correctly—she assumes the wrong person responsible for her blackmail, feels shaken because they might threaten her mother with deportation (but also has the Si awareness to know that “with MY resources… I could also save her”— what works for you, will also work in my favor), and manages to several times misconstrue the cops and/or destroy the evidence, because of her attentiveness to details. The entire family “considers her one of us,” because of her warm, social, sweet, and considerate nature. Marta draws no major attention to herself and is a natural caregiver who defers for others’ betterment (ranging from allowing her sister to continue watching a violent murder mystery in the kitchen after her boss’ suicide to almost considering returning the money to the family out of a benevolent kindness). Her general emotional stability, tolerance, and niceness convince Blanc of her innocence and her goodness. Marta also wants to figure out who is behind the blackmail and to understand how she could have made such a mistake. She thinks somewhat creatively in speculating on what happened, and how to keep herself out of jail.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Calm and detached, Marta remains ‘outside’ the chaos of the family—she is sweet and considerate, giving without expectation of return and shocked to discover herself the recipient of a vast fortune. She chose a profession of service and care. Though prone to barfing out of anxiety when she thinks about lying, Marta can also keep her cool in intense situations and appear less anxious than she is. She is resistant when people try to push her hard to do something she does not want to do (like give up the inheritance) and defers her reasoning onto others—it’s what he wanted.” She isn’t used to standing up for herself, being noticed, and literally flees to get away from accusations and angry feelings. Her 1 wing wants to be good, appropriate, and do the right thing. Under stress, she moves into 6ish anxiety and looks for others to trust.