Isabeau has an intense, but quiet emotional presence. She is both kind to Mouse and emotionally withdrawn from him. Though she enjoys his company, she does not tell him about the curse, offer him any explanation as to what is happening, or attempt to recruit him into helping them through emotional appeals. Her most powerful moments are her reunion with Navarre (mostly in silent appreciation and wonder) and her total scorn of the evil bishop who cursed them, in which she does not scold him, but shames him through the power of her silent scorn as she casts her hawk’s bindings at his feet. The film shows little of her inferior Te, other than in her willingness to trust others to solve the curse. She is a very physically present individual, who seems unafraid to follow her heart; she trusted her insight about the bishop (a cruel man) but takes Mouse often at face value. She chases a dangerous man into the woods at night, because she fears (correctly) his intention to kill Navarre in wolf form, then knocks him into one of his own traps. When Navarre plunges through the ice, she risks her own life to pull him out. Mouse makes her happy by urging her to dance and drink “sweet wine.” When Mouse asks her if she is spirit or flesh, she answers that she is sorrow, translating her entire experience into a single Fi/Ni terminology. But unlike Navarre, she is more willing to change her mind and pursue new opportunities as they arise, willing to take a risk on the monk’s prediction coming true that they can break the curse.

Enneagram: 9w8 sx/so

Isabeau has a very instinctual response to everything; she knows right away if she likes or dislikes other people, and how she intends to interact with them. She has a quiet, steady presence and does not like others to be upset with her. Mouse easily convinces her to release him from Navarre’s ropes, because she has an idealistic streak and a sweet nature. She does not want to be unhappy, even though she is — and agrees, compliantly and hopeful of fun, to obey Mouse’s orders to drink sweet wine and dance. But her 8 wing kicks into action whenever she feels threatened or that Navarre is in danger– she rushes out into the woods to save him, somewhat recklessly. She can be assertive with others, including when she flat out refused to become the evil bishop’s mistress. She still lapses into 9ish behaviors — confronted with the bishop, she walks up to him, calmly shows him her broken bindings, and looks on him with disdain — before she walks away. She knows him to be weak and unworthy of her retaliation.