Roy lives very much in the moment, which enables him to take advantage of opportunities as they arise—unfortunately for his victims, as a con man, this means making up lies on the fly, taking advantage of immediate sensory possibilities to throw people in front of trains, and preying on the empathy of older single women by pretending to be much more infirm than he is. As a young man, Roy saw his friend’s face blown off and immediately stole his identity to move away from Germany and adopt a new life. Since then, he has pursued all kinds of short-term cons, usually that involve massive monetary rip-offs. He sometimes slips up, such as when he speaks German after pretending he doesn’t understand it, but rapidly corrects the situation and pretends it never happened. Though callous and selfish, Roy’s decisions also have some sort of personal or financial rational gain behind them. He made up a story as to why he could not see his “parents” after his identity theft, stating the war changed him and now he wants an entirely new life. After they died, he took the old name back and claimed their inheritance. He is competent at thinking his way outside and around problems, at coming up with endless excuses, and in changing to suit the situation. Roy uses his tert-Fe to seduce and charm people, throw them off their guard, adopt methods intended to soften them toward him, and believes it is working. He pretends to have a bum leg so that he can move into a woman’s home, then tries to convince her of the genuine nature of having “fallen in love with her” – all a con, so he can get his hands on her hundreds of thousands of pounds. When found out, he excuses his misbehavior and refuses to take responsibility for it. He also cannot fathom why she still cares about any of this, since it happened over 50 years ago, showing his sociopathic tendencies as well as total insensitivity. He is so invested in what he is doing, Roy does not realize until it’s too late that he is being played.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Roy is a hedonistic man who is always looking for a good con, who has no scruples and no sense of responsibility toward anyone, much less his fellow mankind. Whenever anyone tries to lay the blame at his feet, he denies and refuses to be held accountable for his actions—when others attempt to convince him to “pay up,” he acts out aggressively to do them harm, keying one man in the face and shoving him onto the tracks in front of a moving train (killing him), then attempting to strangle Betty after he learns the truth about her. He saw a chance to live a different, more prosperous life and took it, when he pretended to be a dead man, stole his identity, forged his papers, and ran away from the war to England to escape his past life and his sins. He tries to make excuses when Betty accuses him of turning her father into the Gestapo and getting him killed by insisting he was just a boy who didn’t know any better. She fines him 50,000 pounds each time he lies to her, which is often, because he cannot seem to admit to anything he has done—and he has done some merciless things, such as having a man’s hand pounded for wanting to charge him more money in a fraud scheme, to as a boy, raping a girl because her sisters made him angry.