Laura is much more grounded and realistic than Rosemary, when it comes to assessing crime scenes, paying attention to the smaller details, and remembering what exactly happened. She relies on her former police work a great deal when forming conclusions and problem-solving. Laura finds change difficult; she enjoys working in her new profession, but it takes her a long time to let go of the past, her marriage, and how it all ended badly – this leads her to reject a romantic overture with a nice professor, because she’s still raw from what happened. Rosemary pushes her to let go of the past and her former marriage, and move forward. She’s open with her feelings, very good at appealing to people’s emotions, putting them at ease, and getting them to open up. Laura knows just the right thing to say to help others trust her. She also needs to talk about her marriage, in order to help process and deal with her own feelings – she opens up the most with a few glasses of wine in her. Laura is sensitive to criticism and often censors her true opinions with anyone other than Rosemary. She tries to keep a positive atmosphere going on, but on occasion is frank and unyielding in her opinions. She wants to know the why, as well as solve the case; why her marriage fell apart, why her children have problems, why this person is dead, the circumstances that sent them there. Laura is often quick to leap to rational but not entirely accurate conclusions, when it comes to her relationships (she assumes her son calling on his dad’s behalf means “he wants me back” – in reality, it means he wants a divorce!), but her understanding of people helps her piece together motives. Much more meticulous and careful than Rosemary, Laura doesn’t “want to leap to any wild conclusions,” and dismisses some of her friend’s more radical ideas out of hand, but isn’t adverse to changing her suspicions as new information arises. She’s good at connecting pieces when given enough information to work with (Si).

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Laura has a warm and outgoing personality, and is eager to help others — she initially becomes involved with Rosemary’s business out of a shared need of a profession, shared interest in gardening, and by helping her out in solving a mystery. She gave up her entire career in the police force to support her husband and raise their children, and when he leaves her for another woman, she becomes angry and bitter about it — because he left her high and dry after ‘using’ her for all those years. On the way out of his house, she picks up a rock out of the garden she planted and throws it through his window, then orders the cab drive to put her bags into the trunk and open the door for her (disintegration into 8). She often deals with anger — both at work and in her daily life, and often behaves politely even when she does not want to, showing her 1 wing’s need for appropriateness. She also believes in following careful police procedure and not breaking the law while solving crimes, something she and Rosemary disagree on.