Once entering a crime scene, Rosemary easily comes up with different theories and insights into who committed the crime and why, sometimes running with an idea that Laura believes is unrealistic or lacking in details. She changes her mind frequently as new information comes to light, and is quick to pick up on the subtler things people say (she immediately senses a police officer making “lesbian inferences” about her and Laura). She prefers to wait and theorize on what’s wrong with a garden once she sees it; and has no trouble going through different possibilities for why trees are dying, or why the grass is turning brown there, one after another. Details aren’t her strong suit when remembering crime scenes, but she’s good at remembering the information she cares about, specifically relating to plants. Rosemary does get in and do her own “dirty work,” but it’s also not uncommon to see her sitting there with plans, while Laura is digging the holes! Rosemary often regrets inserting herself physically into situations – she winds up in trouble, because she fails to estimate the danger correctly. She’s emotional but not emotive; she makes decisions based on her beliefs, and sometimes vents to others, but is more about the expression of her feelings (like punching her ex-boss in the face for firing her) than the exploration of them. Rosemary pushes Laura to be true to herself, but also has strong opinions about what Laura can and cannot accomplish, so she refuses to give half-hearted encouragement on things where she feels differently. There’s nothing fake about Rosemary; what you see is what you get. She draws up complex gardening plans and sticks to them (well, within reason… there’s always room for innovation!), can work on a budget, and is able to provide logical reasons for her actions, her decisions, the motives of other people, and what they should do next, but she’s sometimes so overwhelmed by her irritation that she fails to consider the fall-out (of punching a man in her own profession, or opening a door to scream at people for shooting at the house!). She wants to do her job, get paid, and leave. She can be very technical about her job.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Rosemary is a free spirit, who spent all of her youth traveling around and avoiding commitment. She is whimsical, funny, and often naive, easily falling for men’s manipulations while also guessing at their motives. She never married and never had kids, preferring to focus on her career and on short-lived “lovely” romantic entanglements. She has traveled everywhere, seen everything, tasted everything, and has opinions about all of it! She can be assertive and combative with her counter-phobic 6 wing, asserting herself angrily and challenging others whenever she feels angry or threatened — but ultimately backing down if they turn against her or in some way make her realize that she is not safe with them.