Alex excels at putting people at ease, affirming them even when he doesn’t like what they’re doing, and in figuring out how to make things sound complimentary even when there’s a criticism involved. Sophie accuses him of being too much of a “people-pleaser,” since he refuses to stand up for their song with Cora when she wants to turn it into a sexed up piece. He has no problem asserting an objective assessment of her ex (“He’s a jerk… he’s a JERK… he’s A JERK!”), and has a self-depreciating sense of humor. Even though he’s humiliated that no one remembers who he is anymore, he still puts on a fun show for the handful of fans who come to listen to him sing, and makes Sophie’s sister feel like a million bucks even though “her mashed potatoes taste like what I imagine an old mattress tastes like.” Alex completely exhibits how cruel inferior thinking can be, when under stress – when Sophie cannot produce four more lines for Cora, his “nice guy” charm comes off and he ruthlessly compares her to the heroine in her ex’s book, and says her ex got her “spot on.” He points out all her flaws, how she’s unrealistic and cannot finish anything… and then lives to regret it, once he realizes how much he’s destroyed her faith in his kindness. He admits he’s stuck in a rut, singing old music because he couldn’t come up with decent lyrics on his own; he’s still doing the same gigs he’s been doing for the last twenty years, and has never tried anything else. Alex is pragmatic and down to earth; when Sophie asks him if he wants his music to be pure, he replies he just wants a hit, and to get paid money for it, since that would be a nice change. He’s a talented musician, highly skilled, because he’s spent years honing his craft. His insights into Sophie are “spot on,” and probing; he cheekily admits he’d use his terrific analytical skills and ability to read between the lines on himself, except he hasn’t “got any problems.” Alex has a zany sense of humor, and can respond to any joke or situation with a tongue in cheek piece of sarcasm, intended to provoke an emotional response. He’s adept with comparisons, but doesn’t believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt once he’s gotten a sense of their character.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Alex is primarily focused on success and image / appearances — he is willing to compromise how he feels about a song to appeal to a younger pop star who has more of a fan following, and who can potentially make him famous. This conflicts with Sophie, whose artwork is more personal to her. He craves acceptance, adoration, and appearances — and cannot understand why Sophie cannot just work, whenever it’s required of her, and has to stop to be emotional. 3s are the most prone to workaholic behaviors, the least in touch with their own feelings, and the most adept at putting aside their emotions to achieve a goal. It takes Alex time to get in touch with his own feelings, and admit he was wrong (since he tends to gloss over his failures and disappointments, turning them into humorous anecdotes). His 2 wing is social, extroverted, and genuinely helpful. Interested in helping Sophie get over her issues of self-doubt, but also he can be somewhat invasive and bossy.