Sophie cannot come up with ideas very well on her own; when Alex sits her in a boring room and demands she come up with lyrics, she pulls a blank – but when other people toss an idea at her, she immediately picks it up and runs with it (her innovating, on the fly, coming up with lyrics out of midair, when Alex is trying to compose with someone else). She argues that being outside “stimulates” the imagination; you see and hear and taste things that give you ideas. Sophie is a natural lyricist, able to come up with creative, weird, original, outside-the-box ideas (“You and me, we’re like a love autopsy!”). She’ll assert something and immediately contradict herself; she can see everyone’s side but – except the Nazis, I’m having a hard time with that one. Alex accuses her of being too idealistic, in wanting everything to work out well and then being crushed by reality. She has strong views but is hesitant to voice them; she’s so offended that a pop star wants to sex up their song with “an orgasm set to Gandhi!” that she intends to say something even if it ruins her career as a lyricist. She opens up about her previous boyfriend/teacher and how he’s ruined her life by making her a character in his best-selling novel. Sophie cannot do anything she doesn’t feel good about; after Cora “ruins” their song, she can’t write lyrics for it until she goes home and works through her feelings of anger for Alex. “I have no social filter, I’m sorry.” Sophie says whatever comes into her mind, and then has to do a lot of fast talking to make up for it (she implies that Alex is an old has been but that her sister loved his music in high school, she tries to talk Cora out of sexing up their song, etc). She has to rehearse what she intends to say to her ex, and then cannot do it, and becomes tongue tied. She can be blunt, authoritative, and bossy – but she also gets Alex to try things outside his comfort zone (perhaps rearranging the furniture will help the muse flow?). When he makes her angry enough, she can get a lot done in a short amount of time. Sophie is a hypochondriac, who freaks out when she pricks her finger on a cactus and rushes off to put antiseptic and a band-aid on it (you cannot be too careful!). Under pressure, she starts having panic attacks, and believes she’s going into “anaphylactic shock.” Sophie is haunted by a single line attacking her creativity and personality in her ex’s novel, and keeps falling back on it as a reason for why her life sucks.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

After being in a bad relationship with a man who belittled her artistic talents, Sophie has faced self-doubt about her creative abilities ever since. She genuinely has no sense of her own self-worth or her talents, because she is constantly questioning and over-thinking them. As a 6, she doesn’t feel equipped to do it on her own, she flutters and balks whenever Alex pushes her too hard, and she turns to him for reassurance and affirmation. He deeply hurts her by confirming all of her worst fears in a moment of anger, that she’s nothing, not a good writer, and she’ll never be anything other than mundane. Given the chance to tell off her ex, Sophie cannot do it — she’s so afraid, she develops breathing problems. Alex is somewhat baffled by her insistence on putting antiseptic on a small cut received in his apartment; she doesn’t want to get an infection. Her 7 wing is funny, lighthearted, and open to having a good time, but also avoiding — she doesn’t like conflict or to focus on negative things.