Gabriel is an incredibly patient, steady, and reliable man, who loves Bathsheba from a distance for many years, watching her make foolish mistakes. His expertise is in sheep – he knows all about them, including how to save their lives from swollen stomachs. His experiences with Bathsheba have also given him serious personal insights into her overall character, including her flaws. By the time he asks her a second time to be his wife, he has no illusions about who she is. He knows her utterly (the stubborn, resourceful, resilient, and sometimes foolish woman though she may be). He is a man deeply in tune with nature, and aware of his surroundings, who goes out in an impending thunderstorm to cover up the hay. Gabriel even names his dogs the same things, so he doesn’t have to remember a new name! He knows how the world works, and tells her that sending the neighbor a valentine to raise his hopes unnecessarily was ‘beneath her.’ Gabriel eventually decides to move on and seek a new life in America, when he believes he has no future of the kind he wants in England, showing a low Ne willingness to change his circumstances to seek his fortune. He is a work-driven man, who intends to become successful, who views his relationship prospects through the realistic lens, at the time, of social standing – once, when he hoped to sell the sheep and purchase land, he knew himself to be worthy of Bathsheba’s hand; since he loses that, he is no longer in her social standing, so he leaves to seek another fortune through hard work. He comes upon a farm on fire, and instantly becomes ‘the boss’ – showing and telling the others how to save as much of the hay as they can. He easily takes charge of others and can organize them to finish tasks. He points out the foolishness of Bathsheba’s intentions, including advising her against entangling herself with Troy. Gabriel is a man of strong personal and moral convictions; he does not share his feelings easily, but he means what he says. He doesn’t believe in playing with other people. He doesn’t think Bathsheba ought to be so careless with her affections or words. He never lets her get away with immoral behavior – he challenges her when he believes she is in the wrong (“that was beneath you”), he urges her to value herself more highly (“he is not worthy of you, you can do better”), and he demands her respect in return (when she sends a servant to beg him to help her, he tells her to come ask him herself). Gabriel is so shy about his feelings, it is a monumental struggle for him to ask her to marry him… again.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Principled. Duty-driven. Opinionated. All words to describe the quiet, steady, and firm Gabriel – in many ways, the moral heart of the story that we, the audience, wait to see ‘win’ the hand of the tumultuous Bathsheba. Gabriel does not like misbehavior. He has a strong sense of his own opinions and shares them freely. He chastises her when she does things, in his mind, that are inappropriate. He does not press himself where he is not wanted. He works hard, long hours, and is respectful. His 2 wing is forthcoming in his corrective nature, seeks ways to make Bathsheba into a better person, and has a great deal of pride in his knowledge and what he has to offer (knowledge). He is indeed a ‘helper,’ one who does it out of duty and expects respect in return.