Daniel walks a fine line between a desperate desire to help people, and respect for their cultures, traditions, and beliefs. He hates to interfere, but can’t stand by and let them die or kill each other either. He’s such a compassionate, gentle man that he befriends even a dangerous alien creature. His profound interest in different people enables him to live and work among them without harming their individual cultures. Daniel makes moral decisions and choices; sometimes, his “irrational” people-centric focus puts him at odds with Jack, who wants to get in, get out. Daniel has a logical explanation for all his decisions – but sometimes the answer is just “no.” He has so much respect for the rules, and the consequences of breaking them, as an Ascended Being, that he refuses to help Jack out of a mental torture prison, because he has promised not to interfere in mortal things. His stubbornness sometimes frustrates teammates, most of whom want him to play along (Jack and Sam are both Ti-Fe) or do the rational thing (Teal’c). He’s good at seeing beyond what is obvious, and thinking about possibilities. His fascination with other galaxies, the indigenous people, and the possibilities of space exploration leads him to the Stargate Program. He’s so at ease discussing abstract concepts, theories, and ideas, that Jack sometimes asks him to speak plain English. Daniel doesn’t enjoy making decisions; he prefers to consider the possibilities and wait to see what happens. He enjoys theorizing and brainstorming with Sam. His own past haunts him. He respects the traditions of other cultures. Participating in their traditions and events helps Daniel connect to them and get a sense of their ancient history. He’s obsessed with Egyptology and curious about artifacts and preserving the past. Daniel relies heavily on personal experience when arguing his cases; it’s hard for him to move on, and sometimes he enters periods of intense brooding over previous struggles and mishaps.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Daniel more than the rest of his team is fixated on what the right and moral thing to do is in any given situation — if the others want to leave where he thinks it is their moral responsibility to stay and help, he will do so, often stubbornly. Daniel holds himself to a high standard and expects the others to abide by the rules. He’s so concerned with not disobeying them, when he Ascends he does not bend or break the rules for any reason, even to help out his friends (which Jack takes as a personal insult). He is also interested in ascension — reaching that perfect, flawless state of higher being. Daniel will moralize at the others, reminding them of their responsibilities for the dangers they have awakened. He believes in helping others out and doing whatever the team can to protect them from their enemies. He will sacrifice his own needs and wants to ensure they accomplish something tangible, which is his 2 wing.