Jack is capable leader, because he is so much in tune with what is happening around him, and able to quickly react. He often saves his team because of his ability to change or shift the environment; he has no delusions about how dangerous some things are, as evidenced by his accusation to John Sheppard that his areal maneuvers “almost got me killed!” He has a detached method of viewing the environment; often, he’ll assess a situation, reach a conclusion about it, and choose to move forward, long before Daniel or Sam are prepared to give up. He stagnates in an environment in which nothing is happening; when forced to live in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over again, Jack nearly goes insane. He trusts his gut whenever it warns him something is going wrong, but shows little to no interest in theorizing, or speculating about abstract concepts; many of Daniel’s tangents and explorations of metaphorical themes bore him. He looks, thinks for a second, and then acts – shooting off his gun, telling his friends to run for it, bluffing his way through bad situations. He has a somewhat satirical view of the world, and is inclined to make deadpan remarks, sarcastic inferences, or suggest disinterest with a wry quip. Jack is good at thinking his way out of complicated situations, and has a detached air of curiosity about the world and peoples they encounter. When Daniel chooses to observe the “rules” of ascended beings, leaving Jack to fend for himself in a prison cell, Jack is morally offended and tells him off (this isn’t how you treat your friends!). He has a generally likable, charismatic personality that enables him to endear himself to others on easy acquaintance. Jack airs his personal feelings (boredom, disinterest, how he feels about people in the department, etc), and enjoys teasing Teal’c to get a reaction (or rather, the lack of one). He likes a general air of goodwill among his team members.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Jack is all about having adventures and encountering new worlds, but he’s also somewhat aware of his own limitations and his personal safety — he tells off John Sheppard for reckless piloting of a machine, and also calls out others when their stupid plans go amuck and almost get him injured. Jack becomes quickly bored with anything that doesn’t require direct physical action — he amuses himself at board meetings in various ways, including telling jokes, and can be somewhat flippant even when dealing with authority, using sarcasm to make his point. He takes particular pleasure in teasing Teal’c (his 7 finds the 1’s stoicism amusing and sometimes a bit irritating). His 8 wing brings in a sense of calm detachment, control, and a knowledge of when to call it quits and go home. People rarely intimidate him and he has no problem making the tough calls.