Functional Order: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe

Sam is a scientific genius and inventor, whose primary interest in entering new worlds is to discover and analyze new technology. She is eager to take things apart, and reassemble them, to understand how they work, she can improve on and invent more advanced systems, as well as expand her scientific knowledge of the universe. Whenever they are stuck in a bad situation, everyone turns to Sam for the answer – and given enough time, she can get them out of just about any jam. She is pleasant, good-natured, and rarely rude. Once, when caught in a society in which women are treated as property, Sam tries to inspire the other women to share her feminist ideals and free themselves; she finds it more comfortable when they are in emotional harmony with her. She becomes offended when Rodney makes underhanded remarks about her intelligence (inferior Fe). Like Daniel, she’s interested in theorizing endlessly about new possibilities. She finds it effortless to switch from one theory to the next, whenever discussing potential options or problem solving. Sam is in no hurry to shut down her options, or dismiss ideas. She brainstorms with Daniel to provide answers. She is curious about new worlds, and the endless scientific pursuits and possibilities they open up. Sam doesn’t have a fixed worldview; she is eager, and easily excited, when a discovery challenges everything she thought was true before. The more time she spends with her team, the more fixed her sensory impressions of them become. Sam uses former experiences, information, and ideas, as launching boards for new ones; she expects similar behavior from their enemies as they have manifested in the past. Sam can become sentimental at times, and find it difficult to move on; she is content in her line of work, which enables her to have adventures but also return to her lab for further exploration.

Enneagram: 5w6 so/sp

Sam is a thinker who enjoys learning new things, finding ways to innovate, and understanding something from the ground up; she has armed herself with a ton of knowledge so she can go into any new situation prepared, but is also ready and willing to associate with others, learn from them, and befriend them. She loves to build connections through shared passions and knowledge – easily bonding with others who share her relentless fascination with science. Her 6 wing gives her a warmer, more group-oriented focus, cautious about unforeseen consequences and never willing to step over the line for scientific advancement. She can become more adventurous and opportunistic when the situation calls for it (disintegrating into 7’s tendency for instant action), and be assertive with people she feels comfortable around (moving into 8).