Donna does not want to waste a moment of her life. If she sees an opportunity, she leaps on it. This gets her a ride to the island when she appeals to a cute boy to use his boat. She seems to be chasing an inferior Ni desire to find “purpose” in her life, which enables her to see that the falling down old shack on top of the mountain could be a hotel someday. Her opportunism is always about living in the moment, which is how in the original film she wound up not knowing who the father of her child is, because “…” Donna quickly gets herself a job performing in a local bar. She strikes out on her own on an adventure that finds her love and heartache and brings Sophie into her life. But she spends very little time contemplating how it might all turn out until Sophie’s “three dads” turn up; then Donna has rather a harsh view of her former attitudes and panics. She always acts in the moment (choosing to marry Sam the moment he asks, and worrying that Sophie is getting married and settling down too soon).

Her feelings guide her. Donna is empathetic and kind, but also knows her own mind and wants things on her terms – she pity sleeps with Harry, but doesn’t sleep with Bill until she emotionally rebounds. She has intense feelings for Sam, but doesn’t spew them to him – instead, she writes about them in her diary, then tells him to get lost when she finds out he has a fiancé at home. She does not open up to her friends about being pregnant, confident she can instead do it on her own. Donna is good at seeing an opportunity – to make cash by working at a bar, and agreeing to work at and fix up the old hotel in exchange for free rent. As an adult, Donna does not easily open up to her friends when Bill, Sam, and Harry turn up on her doorstep – it takes them singing to her and giving her alcohol before she tells them the truth about her pregnancies and affairs.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Donna wants to live life on her terms. She hates the idea of being stuck at some boring 9-5 job, so she sets out on an adventure to see the world. Whatever she went to college for, she decides it doesn’t matter – she’s going to find and build up a dream, which eventually includes a run-down shack of a motel on an island. She can be somewhat moralizing and refuse to compromise under stress (moving to 1 when Sam breaks her heart) but most of the time chases after distractions to avoid her own feelings of anguish and loss. Her 8 wing makes her earthy, practical, aggressive, and unafraid to do things on her own.