Sophie has completely unrealistic expectations for her life, in that she assumes once she finds her mother’s diary that she will be able to tell by inviting the three potential contenders for her dad there, which one is her real dad. She invites them all to her wedding, without giving a thought to her mother’s feelings, so that she can find out more about her past. It’s important to her to feel connected to it. She loves to read between the lines in what her mother wrote and laugh about it with her friends, and has an over-romanticized view of reality. Upon meeting her three potential dads, Sophie doesn’t want to learn the truth through a DNA test – instead, she wants to keep them all in her life, keeping herself open to possibilities. She’s not much for traditional thinking – and on a whim, throws off her wedding, urges her mother to get married instead, and sets off on “adventures”! Sophie wants to know who her dad is. She believes it will help her find that missing part of herself, and has a strong belief that when she sees him… she’ll “just know”! Until she finds her dad, she can’t move on, can’t grow up, and cannot completely define herself… but she realizes later on that seeking external details is unnecessary, because she is Sophie. She doesn’t need a dad to define her! From the start, she makes her own decisions, regardless of how others might take them – choosing to get married even though her mom doesn’t like it, planning a wedding because it’s what she wants, and inviting her dads along. Sophie ultimately decides to cancel the wedding, because it’s not what she truly wants anymore. She wants to make things happen and change her destiny, but as her mother says, “God knows there’s no plan.” Sophie doesn’t fully think through all of her decisions – she mails out letters, not bothering to decide what she’ll do if and when they answer her; she is having a big wedding but has no set plans for it. Sophie does have “lots of plans” for the hotel, but none of them manifest. The more pressure is put on her, the more she buckles down and starts putting her foot down on what she doesn’t like… until finally, she cancels the whole thing!

Enneagram: 7w6 sx/so

Sophie is a romantic idealist, who finds her mother’s journal, reads up about her three dads, invites them all the island, and expects herself to automatically know just when she meets them which one is her true dad. She’s somewhat distressed when nothing turns out as she plans – when she likes all three and has no clue who her father is. Sophie initially seems to cling to the idea of marriage as a sense of security to establish a safe life for her child (“This not knowing who your father is, is crap!”) but then when she finds her dads, her 6 wing feels fulfilled enough to tell Skye, “Let’s not get married! Let’s see the world!” and fulfill her 7 desire to stay unattached and free. She also doesn’t know what to do with her life, feels pressured by the idea of marriage too soon, and turns to her family and friends for comfort when trying to make a decision.