Lucius is intensely emotional, but he takes years to work up the nerve to spill out all his feelings to Ivy (why must you lead, when I want to lead? If I want to dance, I will ask you to dance!). He is kind and sensitive, aware of her emotions and his (how he finds it hard to breathe around her), but not much of a communicator; rather, he shows his feelings through love—through the simple act of taking Ivy’s hand (or not taking it). Because Lucius has such a hard time putting his feelings and thoughts into words, he would rather write them down and read them, or stay silent completely—he is an enigma to most of the town. When Noah comes to him upset about his engagement to Ivy, Lucius tries and explain to him there are “many kinds of love,” presumably to reassure Noah that Ivy’s love for him will not change, and they can remain friends. His low Te is rational, but based on observable facts. He believes he has figured out a rational method to escape being attacked by the creatures in the wood, based on his observations that Noah has come and gone without becoming a target—the creatures know how to sense whether someone is ‘pure of heart’ or has good intentions or is innocent and they will attack no one they do not deem a threat. He has fairly penetrating observations about the community and the relationships within it, even though he does not share them freely. Lucius realizes there is something amiss’ with the village and the woods outside it, but he’s limited to the experiences of the townsfolk and what he is told, so he does not theorize beyond the immediate possibilities. He senses that the town elders keep secrets inside each of the locked boxes in their homes and wants to know what is inside them. He adopts Ivy’s intuitive perception that he does not touch her out of a desire to do so (love) and instantly transposes it onto his mother and her relationship with Ivy’s father. This comes from his own low Si experience; he knows it to be true of himself, so he assumes it must also be true of Mr. Walker. He quickly discerns when Noah comes to him, distraught that this is about his proposal and Noah’s feelings for Ivy. He clings somewhat to traditionalism; he wishes to be Ivy’s protector, to do the asking and not have her rush in ahead of him, and to be a good provider. He also trusts that because Noah can enter the woods and return unharmed, another might also do so.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Lucius, unlike everyone else, is not afraid. He holds the longest record for standing with his back to the woods, arms outstretched, in a silent challenge to himself and the creatures. Ivy marvels over this. He has ideas about what he wants, but a polite and deferential manner in going about them. Lucius asks permission to leave and go to the towns for medicines and accepts the answer no from the town elders. He has a group-focus, in that he wants to serve the community for its betterment through his courage, but is slow to change things about his life. He loves Ivy for a long time, from a distance, without approaching her or telling her about it. Lucius is the embodiment of gentleness, but also a 9ish stubbornness. He does not like to get pushed out of his comfort zone or for others to force him to speak before he is ready. He is stoic and withdrawn most of the time. His 1 wing quickly takes personal responsibility for his mistakes in front of others (admitting he broke the rules and has gone into the woods) and feels shame whenever he thinks he has done something wrong or inappropriate.