Functional Order: Ni-Te-Fi-Se

Alec is reluctant to draw conclusions on evidence until he has fully explored all the possibilities, but he does so internally without brainstorming with Ellie. He often says he has “a feeling” about how things will turn out, but no evidence to support his hypothesis. When questioning suspects at times, Alec just trusts his instincts and makes guesses that prompt others to speak to him (“Because you are not that kind of man”). Alec is so out of touch with “how things work” (lacking Si) that he fails at social niceties and customs, and sometimes over-compensates as a result (“I got you flowers… and chocolate… and wine; I didn’t know which to choose, so I got them all”). He is able to read people very well, in a short time, and gauge their abilities. Even though he is very ill, Alec continues to work—pushing his body beyond its limits, into a total collapse. He is so eager for a physical human connection that he propositions a woman, who says no only because she’s “afraid [he will] collapse on top of me.” He has almost no connection to his own inner sensations, and as a result, overdoes it; he is also semi-reluctant to engage in his environment on a regular basis, down to his eating habits. He wants to finish the job and doesn’t mind who gets the credit. He demands facts, evidence, and “proof.” When confronted with a dead child, he immediately runs through all the usual procedures as well as makes due with the resources around him (including CCTV cameras). Alec demands a high work ethic from his employees and puts in the same hours himself. He has a frankness when dealing with people, and always points out the logic (or lack thereof) in their decisions. “I don’t care about anything but this case,” he says, inferring they can tell him anything that doesn’t have to do with the murder and it won’t wind up in his police report. No one knows he has a daughter; he does not open up about his marriage, his former cases, or his illness, instead preferring to deal with his guilt and pain on his own. Alec’s compassion is not often evident, but does run deep; his method in “protecting people” is to warn them not to talk to journalists and to threaten said journalists in order to get them to back off. He is rarely emotional in public and does not like to discuss his feelings.

Enneagram: 5w4 sp/so

Alec is highly logical, and detached almost to his own determent – his relationship with his ex-wife and his daughter has suffered for it, and it puts him at immediate odds with his coworkers and Ellie, who is put off by his callous attitude. He is secretive almost to a fault, which makes it difficult for others to connect to him, and he has a skeptical, negative attitude toward the outside world. Alec is suspicious of everyone and considers them all suspects until proven innocent. He can be rather too sure of himself, and also willing to bend the rules at times to get what he wants (such as when he threatens the three boys who shared naked photos of his daughter around school, and when they point out he’s a cop, he says he doesn’t care, and he’ll kill them if they ever mess with her again). His 4 wing can be broody and withdrawn, melancholy over his past failures, and somewhat elitist.