Harriet is a warm, receptive, and sweet girl who is also forthcoming with her emotions and frank in her emotional responses. The instant she falls in love with someone, she rushes to tell her friend Emma, who sometimes does not approve of her choice and persuades her to look in a new direction. Harriet is easily hurt by insults and slights, and also prone to mirroring Emma’s moods right back at her. She is so in tune with Emma that she corrects and alters her behaviors, expressions, and state of mind to match hers, except when she is mourning endlessly the loss of Mr. Elton to his new, utterly obnoxious wife. Her fatal flaw is in her inferior function, which means she is short on logic, large on trust. Harriet never thinks to question Emma’s motivations, or the rationality of the matches she intends to set her up with, though she does wonder if perhaps Mr. Knightley, as a proper gentleman, is out of her reach. Harriet was a simple girl with simple tastes until, as Mr. Knightley accuses Emma, ‘she was trained to want other things above her station.’ To marry a farmer, to have children, and to live a normal life was ‘good enough for her, and she thought so too’ until Emma got a hold of her! It’s true, Harriet is focused on the prospects of the moment, and becomes quite fixated on the past at one point. Rather than move on from Mr. Elton, as Emma quickly does, Harriet becomes moody and preoccupied over him, obsessing over his unkindness toward her, and her spirits only lift when Mr. Knightley gallantly comes to her rescue like a magnificent knight in a fairy tale. She at once sees how truly superior a person he is, and develops fantasies about him. Her lower Ne catches on easily to Emma’s ideas and is inspired and delighted by them, but is slow to decipher the riddle Mr. Elton sends them. Emma must explain to her that it means ‘courtship.’

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Harriet suffers the fate of many a 9, in that she so devalues her own views in a desire to be liked, she becomes a doormat to Emma’s own hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Though she desperately wants to marry a farmer, out of a desire to please Emma in the moment, she writes him a rejection letter. She becomes so focused on Emma that she takes on her romantic hopes for herself and falls in love with Mr. Elton. She can be shy and pensive, but also stubborn when she finally puts her foot down and sets Emma straight about the true motivation of her heart, which is Mr. Knightley and definitely not Frank Churchill! Her 1 focuses her on good behavior, avoiding appearing to do or say anything wrong, and in polite manners.