Jane is one of the most accomplished young women of Emma’s acquaintance, which is one of the reasons Emma cannot stand her – she is so talented at all the usual, impressive Regency things, such as sewing and music and making herself pretty. She also understands how the world works, and is determined to make her way in it, which puts her at odds with Frank Churchill, her secret lover. Because to be publically in love would endanger his inheritance, she must endure in silent torment his pretended disinterest in her and favoritism toward Emma. As the time increasingly nears for her to do the sensible thing and figure out how to earn a living through being a governess, Jane pushes Frank to either make their engagement known – or she will find and take a position. She shows marked enthusiasm for the idea of a ball, and does not seem to ‘interest Emma much’ through her conversation, as she takes care to say very little at all. Jane shows no real Ne in the story, beyond her hopes that Frank will do the right thing. Though Emma often complains that you cannot get a word out of Jane, once she sees a change in her prospects – she becomes quite animated, excited about the ball, eager to share her opinions on it, and outgoing. She is surprisingly tolerant of Frank’s awful behavior, and willing to forgive him once he does the right thing, showing a Fe ability to understand that circumstances drive behaviors and sometimes make the unacceptable… acceptable. She breaks down in Emma’s presence and confesses that she is miserable, though she cannot say why, and tolerates Mrs. Elton’s “kindness” toward her with a stubborn resolve. She shows logic in her decision to find and take a position for her own financial welfare, once she believes she cannot rely upon Frank.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Jane shows many traits of the 9, which Emma finds frustrating – first, she does not readily share her opinions and that makes it almost impossible for Emma to get anything out of her. She is noncommittal, ambivalent, and guarded. Pleasant, but in Emma’s mind, boring due to a lack of fierce views. She can be submissive and sweet, but also become more and more stubborn, the more Mr. Elton tries to push her around. She will accept a piano as a gift, she will forgive Frank his reprehensible behavior (teasing and tormenting her, flirting with Emma in front of her, etc), but she will not let this woman whom she dislikes to run her life, find a position for her, or know the contents of her mail. Over the course of the story, Jane becomes angrier and angrier with Emma, but only starts to avoid her, rather than directly telling her off. Her 1 wing is furious at being ‘woman-handled’ by Mrs. Elton, but chooses to combat her frustration with both she and Frank by being gentle and kind – until she snaps, and tells off Frank on her walk home from the picnic.