Bode is excited to move to a new house and embrace all the vast potential contained within its halls, and even more thrilled to discover keys that take him unusual places and do magical things. He uses the keys on whims to explore their potential, and it’s only after he has a chilling encounter with the Well Lady (whom he assumes to be ‘nice’ at first) that he becomes concerned with keeping track of the keys. Bode is the one sibling, however, who consistently relies on and makes ‘predictions’ and ‘intuitive leaps.’ He discerns that Well Lady is actually Dodge, that she cannot take the keys off them (they must give them to her), suspects at the end they have thrown the wrong person through the door in the caves, and recognizes the keys’ potential for evil. He comes up with frequently creative, if not somewhat whacky, ideas, including prowling the house with a light saber (but when he fixes the fire key on the end… well, that becomes awesome, now doesn’t it?). He has emotions independent of his siblings; he is often wildly enthusiastic when they are downcast, has no real interest in impacting their mood – instead, he is absorbed in his own feelings and joys. Bode is kind and quick to comfort and console his mother and siblings whenever they are grieving. He befriends a neighbor boy with autistic traits and makes him feel warm and welcomed. He is too sweet with Well Lady at first, enabling her to take advantage of him. Bode wants to do no harm, but is creative and logical in thinking up ways to trap her (using a literal trap), return her to the Well House (it doesn’t work), stuff keyholes full of gum to keep her out, and use the keys to gather information. Bode is naïve and trusting at first, but then through his own experiences with Dodge and piecing together the truth, becomes more distrustful. He assumes that what has worked once, will work again – which sadly means losing a couple of the keys, because he failed to realize the demon can’t take them off Lockes, but can snatch them off anyone else.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Bode is all about having fun. The inside of his head looks like an arcade game – full of loud noises and flashing lights, distractions of all kinds, and varied forms of entertainment. He enters the house excited to have adventures and make discoveries. His cheerfulness infects his siblings even when they are down. Bode happily explores all the keys have to offer, with no thought for his own safety at first. He has a big sense of humor, and quickly flips off his uncle to say ‘farewell’ after the man covers up flipping off the house by saying it has ‘different meanings.’ Bode’s 6 wing, however, feels apprehensive the more danger grows. He turns to his siblings for help, and feels safer with them on board. He asks others for their opinions and tries to protect himself and his family in what ways he can.