Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Tyler is an extremely social and motivated young man, who takes no time at all to adapt to his new school environment, make friends, and even find a girlfriend. He is so eager to connect to others, he’s willing to try tossing books into his head using one of the keys, to impress a girl with his sudden knowledge of England. He actively plays sports and doesn’t like sitting on the bench, he solves problems at times with his fists (he loses his temper and attacks someone for harassing his sister), and he can be hedonistic, and live only for the moment—getting drunk, dumping his girlfriend on a whim, and making out with a girl he barely knows in the front seat of a truck. He has harbored his own fear that his own words (“If you are going to shoot your dad, please shoot mine first”) caused a classmate to kill his father… but not told any of his siblings or his mother about it, has not gone to therapy for it, and instead chooses to suffer either in a withdrawn silence or to take refuge in sensory pleasures (booze and sex). Tyler has a sense of moral right and wrong, but tends to hesitate when it does not involve him, since he’s so unwilling to force those morals on his “friends” at school when they steal from a local drugstore. He also doesn’t stop a disabled boy from keying the car of an able-bodied student parked in the disabled spot. When he breaks up with his girlfriend, Tyler just… ignores her texts and doesn’t show up to the event that was so important to her, rather than talking to her about his feelings. This gives him an outlet through an argument, rather than getting to what is actually bothering him. He can turn into a little dictator with his siblings, imposing “key rules” on them for their own safety, insisting they have meetings to determine when and how to use the keys, judging them on their incompetence or irresponsibility in using said keys, and being proactive in dealing with the fall-out, through instant action. He is somewhat cautious of the key and their potential use for evil, and divides them up among his siblings, but also doesn’t have any ‘awareness’ when things are ‘off.’ He and Kinsey toss what appears to be their demonic tormentor into the unknown space beyond the gate (the entrance to hell?) and he has no qualms about it, until their little brother asks them if they are “sure” they got rid of the right person. His lower Ni suspects nothing about Dodge appealing to his baser nature, since he chooses to take it at face value rather than question why an older woman has taken a physical interest in a high school student.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Tyler is heavily concerned with what people think about him, and whether or not he looks good – he doesn’t like to sit on the bench, he tells his sister off for being “weirder than usual,” and reminds her if she continues to act the way she does, no one will want to be their friend. He has a much easier time of connecting to others than she does, and is generally helpful in how he does so. He has a protective quality over his siblings, sees himself almost as the father figure in their dad’s absence, and can also be invasive in his control methods. But he also easily is seduced by attention and flattery, in his quest to obtain love. Tyler is always ready and willing to rise to the occasion and works hard to make people like him and look up to him. He becomes somewhat apathetic after losing his girlfriend and decides he has no desire to remember magic or the keys, since he wants a normal life, so he abandons all knowledge of them and drives of into the sunset to start over again.