Scotty has a natural ability to figure out how things work and to improve on them; that’s what makes him such a good mechanic, and a natural when it comes to solving problems and even inventing new beaming technology. His desire to understand how things work leads him to tear apart systems and rebuild them from the inside out. He is logical, systematic, and quick to point out potential problems. He is extremely bored being situated on a planet with nothing to do, and quite excited to get on board the Enterprise and get to work. Scotty is good at improvising in the moment, in paying attention to his surroundings, and responding quickly to problems. He thinks fast, acts fast, and can be somewhat spontaneous in his decisions (like quitting his job on the fly). His insights into both human nature and mechanics are often surprising; Scotty is good at instinctively knowing what is wrong, even though he can’t pinpoint why it may be wrong; he often does things without knowing why until later (boarding the admiral’s ship, not realizing he would wind up helping Kirk). He foresees the problems with cross-planetary warping technology, as well as the fall-out of the various ship activities that Kirk demands from him. If Scotty doesn’t like something, he leaves you in no doubt about his feelings toward it. He complains when unhappy, will lay out exactly how he feels if asked, and often does things in an attempt to provoke negotiation, with the intention of reaching a compromise that both parties can feel happy about (I’ll quit, if you don’t back down on this; okay, quit!). Scotty sets out to ignore people and refuse to help them, but is willing to forgive when given an apology, and often helps out even if he doesn’t feel like it.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Scotty is a competent mechanic, but also has serious self-doubts, and a tendency to think of worst-case scenarios. He doesn’t like to take risks, or have people relying him on intense situations – which is right about the time he tends to get angry and tell them off, and/or experience feelings of panic under pressure. He hates launching out into the unknown, and has a sense of “I knew it” whenever something goes wrong. Scotty’s 7 wing, however, gets bored stuck on an alien planet with nothing to do, and does seek out adventure from time to time. He’s also more forthcoming with his feelings and anxieties, due to the 7’s tendency to open up and confide in others, or seek pleasurable distractions (such as when he gets angry about allowing torpedoes onto his ship, quits, and then goes out drinking to “forget”).