Chekov has a quick mind that easily adapts to its environment, and sees many possibilities as tangible realities, which enables him to save the Enterprise on several occasions, because he thinks “outside the box.” He can “do dat!” when necessary and doesn’t hesitate to leap into action when and wherever he is needed. Even though he’s a bit overwhelmed when asked to take over the mechanics of the ship, Chekov can explain to Kirk the ways the damage has impacted the core and what is likely to happen as a result. He’s animated, incredibly energetic, and often leaps into situations before he fully thinks through all the mechanics necessary to get through them. He’s a successful navigator, who frequently steps outside his own “field” to figure out how to hack into the ship’s systems and pull off impossible things, from beaming up people in the middle of a war sone to his proposal that they drop out of warp drive and use the radiation from a moon to conceal their presence from an enemy ship. Chekov “figures things out” as he goes, showing Ti’s capacity to sense its way through difficult situations and find logical, if unorthodox solutions. He’s successful in repairing the warp drive and can reestablish the ship’s power systems before it crashes, enabling others to have time to escape. His tert-Fe likes attention and praise, is somewhat self-promoting and inclined to show off. His former experiences give him the confidence to assert that he can do things with a relative degree of success, but other than that, Chekov shows very little interest in the details (like taking over the engine room from Scotty). He sometimes references Russian culture, in order to impress girls (“Did you know the Russians invented…?”).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Wildly enthusiastic and cheerful, Chekov maintains an optimistic attitude through even the most serious of events. He has a natural capacity to believe everything will turn out well, even when the world seems determined to prove him wrong. His adventurous spirit led him to join Starfleet. But he does show moments of doubt, hesitation, and uncertainty when faced with disastrous situations, owing to his 6 wing’s tendency to feel safest when relying on others. Chekov leaps at the chance to take care of the machine room, then second-guesses himself and wonders what he’s done… but then rises to the occasion, finds his natural arrogance, and pulls it off.